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Getting clothes made in Hoi An

Having clothes made in Vietnam

You will have no problem finding fabrics and items on display that fit your fancy. Here are some advices if you are thinking about getting clothes made in Hoi An:

(1) Be realistic

You are not going to walk away with a Fendi, Gucci, or Armani quality product. It’s not going to happen.

(2) Go with what you know

Most shops have stacks of books and magazines with plenty of different designs and styles in them, but also good to take your own pictures of specific items to copy, and if required, your own fabric, buttons and trims.

(3) Having said that, it’s ok to try something new, but see #1… be realistic!

The clothes made in Hoi An are not designer quality, but it’s better than buying the latest trend at H&M or Forever 21 because it is made to actually fit you. You may find the fabric isn’t an exact match with the picture, but it fits well and will be fine. Sure, sure, it is not Vera Wang quality, but you also didn’t pay $600.

(4) You need time

My suggestion is to get to the tailors in the morning, get your selections made and get your measurements taken. A good shop will have you come back for as many fittings as it takes to make you happy with the garment, but, you can plan on one fitting in the afternoon, and one more in the evening. The evening fitting may not be a fitting but rather a final try-on to assure everything is complete to your satisfaction.

Turn around time will be almost as quick as you need it to be – they will not want to miss out on having the business so they will accommodate your schedule as long as you are realistic. If you plan on staying around Hoi An itself, or taking an excursion for a few hours so you can be back for an afternoon fitting than you can get most everything done the same day.

Tailor made clothes in Vietnam

5) Which store?

It comes down to a few factors:
(1) Fabric selection
(2) Store environment
(3) Price you are willing to pay

Finally, I would highly discourage you from being talked into the ‘we can deliver it to your hotel tonight or in the morning routine’. You will get your clothing, don’t worry about that. But, late at night or early in the morning at your hotel, even if you do try the item on with somebody from the shop there, it is very difficult to actually get something taken in, or let out if it needs to be. I advise that you not even let the shop owner know when you are leaving Hoi An, but rather tell them when you expect for it to be done. I have talked with shop owners that have admitted delivering items at the last minute so there would be no time for the client to make any more changes or alterations – usually this isn’t done because the shop can’t do great work, it’s often the case of the client just being too particular beyond reason.

Another finally – try to avoid the mistake of ‘alright, this one turned out nice – make me some more in these different colors and deliver them by the time I leave in the morning’. You will always want to have a fitting. Even if they made one garment that fit like a glove, that isn’t to say the next item will also, even if it is the same pattern.

Good luck with everything!