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Kayaking in Vietnam

Kayaking Ha Long Bay

“Base Camp” at Ha Long Bay, a premier kayaking destination noted for its 3000+ islands.

The soul of Vietnam courses through its rivers and ripples along its shoreline. For centuries, the seasonal cycles and natural abundance of Vietnam’s rivers and oceans have set the rhythms and traditions of Vietnamese life. River and bay cruises have long given tourists a chance to experience the serenity of waterfront life while enjoying comfortable or luxurious accommodations, but kayaking in Vietnam is becoming a popular way to explore Vietnam’s waterways in a more direct and personal fashion.

Junk Boat Tours on the Mekong Delta

Junk boat cruises are a popular way to explore Ha Long Bay.

Small and maneuverable, kayaks provide an intimate experience of the wetlands, villages and markets thriving along the Mekong River and its tributaries.  They are an excellent way to explore the tranquil waters of Ha Long Bay, giving access to the thousands of islands and outcroppings that make up Ha Long’s unique limestone karst geology.

Best of all, these kayaking hotspots feature relatively calm waters and kayaks are quite safe and stable … so the “adventure” part of these adventure tours will involve the excitement of exploration and discovery, not the excitement of swimming to shore or paddling for your life!