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Song Xanh Sampan Cruises

The concept behind the Song Xanh Sampan is to offer completely private chartered cruises for intimate tours of some of the many rivers that combine to form the Mekong Delta, aka Nine Dragons. These tours are suitable for individuals, and even families with children, and are ideal for couples who are looking for a bit of romance while getting an intimate view of daily life on the Mekong Delta. The dimensions of the sampans allow plenty of room to stretch out and relax while taking in the variety of sights, and are large enough to provide for safe passage, but are still small and maneuverable enough to allow the crew to help you discover the delta and its numerous canals and arroyos.

Though a limited part of the cruise will take you to points frequented by other tourists, the exclusive cruise itineraries have been designed to take you away from these areas, and permit you to be a witness to the authentic lifestyle of the millions of people who actually depend on the waters to sustain their life. To help you engage with the local people, the crew will paddle a small row-boat and navigate the narrowest canals where you will be able to look directly into the kitchens, living rooms and even wash rooms of the people who live on the banks. The life of these residents will be no more than an arm’s length away at times. For further exploration, bicycles are provided and if you choose, you will be able to cycle along the small pathways that run alongside the water’s edge.

During the cruise, all meals along with drinking water and fresh exotic fruits and cool refreshing towels will be provided for your enjoyment. Some meals are served while on board, while others are prepared and served by the owners of ancient houses at various points along the cruise. Actually being in the homes of the local people will provide you a great opportunity for cultural exchanges and for rare interact that is missed by most tourists to the region. And while waiting for your meal to be served, or after you have finished eating, don’t hesitate to take a stroll in either direction from these homes to see even more of what makes this part of the world so charming. Don’t worry, your guides will be more than happy to escort you and translate for you along the way.

Each sampan boat has a crew of four including an English or French speaking guide. It is the goal of each of these individuals to see to your safety and your comfort and they make it your goal to make you feel pampered.  Depending on size, the sampan offers from 1 to 3 spacious rooms of 16 square meters (172 sq. ft.) each. The large bathroom is equipped with a shower, washbasin, toilet, and guests are provide a full set of deluxe amenities such as slippers, cotton bathrobes, bath towels, shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, comb, cotton tips, shower caps, and sanitary bags. To enhance your relaxation, each sampan is designed to provide the utmost in safety and privacy.

From July 08 through September 30th, 2010, Song Xanh Sampan’s five river cruise boats are suspended in order that the sampans can receive annual inspections and overhauls and to renovate and upgrade the standard of on-board facilities and amenities.

Among other new amenities and upgrades, all Song Xanh Sampans will now be equipped with 22 inch, flat screen TVs and DVD players to allow you to enjoy any of the five titles that you might find relevant to your trip to Vietnam and to the Mekong Delta in particular. The titles are: “Indochine”, “The Lover”, “The Quiet American”, “Heaven and Earth”, or “Apocalypse Now”. All titles will be available in English or French, and can be enjoyed following dinner.