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Military Tours with More Fun Travel

In the thirty-five years that have passed since the fall of Saigon, both Vietnam and the United States have put the conflict behind them and moved on as nations.  However, many of those who fought in the war have a more difficult time escaping the past.

Some veterans return to Vietnam to visit old battlefields, remember fallen comrades, and make peace with the violent past.  Others are more interested in seeing what has become of Vietnam after decades of postwar life and modernization.

Whether you want to honor Vietnam’s past or immerse yourself in our present, More Fun Travel can take you where you want to go — be it a remote crash site or a bustling city marketplace.  We are experienced military tour operators and are sensitive to the needs and desires of all our clients, particularly returning veterans!

Please see our Military Tours page for some example tours we’ve conducted in the past, or read some of our Vietnam War Stories for firsthand accounts of veterans touring Vietnam with More Fun Travel!