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We Offer the Best Guides for Every Tour

Our military or veteran tours are very unique and are second to none because we have the best guides in the business. We’re very proud to be able to offer this type of tour of Vietnam. More Fun Travel is able to create tours that no other tour company can produce. We provide amazing, personalized tours for our guests. No two tours are alike and we’re able to handle special requests.

When you book a tour with More Fun Travel, you can expect to have the most experienced tour guides, all of which speak Vietnamese from pre-American war, during the war, and post war. They have an immense knowledge of the area and are willing to share their stories, too.

Typically, our Veteran guests would like to visit battlefields, hike routes taken during their tour and even spend time where friends were fell in order to feel peace and happiness.

Before we can provide the best Veteran tours of Vietnam, we research your requested destination to make sure we can travel to it and show you around. If it no longer exists or is still in use by the Vietnamese military, we will inform you of any changes in plans.

We’re even able to provide tours to some of the most remote areas of Vietnam. We first scout the requested area before we plan your vacation itinerary. If it’s too remote, high or hard to get to, we may suggest other options to get there, such as, truck support, motorbike or even a helicopter ride to get you to your desired destination. In some instances, a physical may be required to determine if our guests are fit enough for the adventure.

If you’re interested in reconnecting with a long lost friend in Vietnam, give us a try! We LOVE a challenge and have located friends after 40 or 50 years!

We’ve also been able to arrange a meeting with the North Vietnamese Army for some of our American Veteran guests.