All of the tours were great and traveling was so easy

Thank you for all of your help in making our trip to Vietnam such an amazing experience. All of the tours were great and traveling was so easy with all of the cars you set up for us. It will definitely be a trip we will all remember for a long time. I have many friends who now want to go to Vietnam so I will make sure to recommend your services to them.

Wendy, USA - Vietnam Holiday - Aug 2017

It was truly an unforgettable experience

I wanted to thank you for your travel agency and organizing an incredible tour for my father and I. It was truly an unforgettable experience. Your guide and driver were more than incredible! I can`t say enough good things about them. The guide was so knowledgeable about the region and the history. It was amazing. Every place my wanted to visit, he found. The only thing we couldn’t find was the French fort, but he heard that it was probably torn down to widen highway 1, which after seeing how much construction they are doing, it isn’t surprising. Even the places we went for lunches and dinner were great!

My father wasn’t even going to tell me about the locations of Operation Swift because he thought it was impossible to find. But he took us right to the area and even took us to the boulders he fought behind during the battle. I can`t describe the emotions there.

The emotions and experiences I could share with my father were priceless. I can`t thank you and your 2 guys enough!

I hope we can come to Vietnam again someday. If I do, I hope I can do something through your agency again!

Thank you very much!

Trevor Grimm, USA - Danang, Chu Lai, Quang Ngai - Aug 2017

We had a great time during our trip!

The only problem I encountered with you was the verified by visa thing… but you handled that really well, so I honestly don’t know much else you can improve.

Fast answers and competent, that’s the most important thing.

Lukas, Germany - Mekong Tour - Aug 2017

I Was Very Pleased with my More Fun Travel

I was very pleased with my More Fun Travel tour in April-May 2017 of Vietnam and Cambodia that was taken with the 12 TFW Association.

My group was invariably served by experienced guides and safe drivers who catered to our every wish. The hotels you selected offered ideal accommodations. The design of the tour fulfilled my personal agenda very well with the one exception that we did not get to meet and talk with communist combatants of our era. That can be counterbalanced, however, with unexpected, warm encounters we sometimes had with citizens and other tourists.

All of our flights went smoothly; I appreciated the work the guides performed to check us in. Cruising with La Fairy Sails was a wonderful experience. Our ground conveyances were late model, comfortable, and thank heaven, the air conditioners always worked!

All meals on the trip were very good. The finest dining experiences for ambiance and cuisine, in my opinion, were lunch at the Ben Nay Restaurant in Cu Chi and dinner at the Tara Angkor Hotel in Siem Reap.

Thank you for working closely with Diane Blanchard to create a trip that will be a happy lifelong memory.

George Solli, USA - Vietnam and Cambodia tour, April - May 2017

Every Detail of this Great Adventure Exceeded My Expectation

It’s always nerve-wracking to do business over the Internet, and I tried to do as much research as possible about More Fun Travel prior to booking a 26-day trip to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. In my research, everyone I spoke with had nothing but praise for More Fun Travel and that eased my mind.

Well, we returned from our trip Monday and I will tell you that every detail of this great adventure exceeded my expectation. It was organized thoroughly, and everything proceeded without a hitch. The company’s owner, Ngoc, actually met us and greeted us personally when we reached Hanoi. This was a dream trip for me, and my 27-year-old daughter decided to accompany me. My top priority was visiting areas affected by the U.S. war in Vietnam and the Cambodian genocide, but I also wanted to get a good sense of the beauty and the countries today.

I gave Ngoc a list of sites I wanted to see, and she customized a trip for my daughter and me that fulfilled my goals and showed me more of the three countries than I would have ever seen on my own. I appreciated her flexibility and suggestions as we revised the agenda a couple of times to get the exact trip we wanted. Among other things, we climbed “Hamburger Hill,” visited the caves at Phong Nau, hiked through the terraced fields in Sapa and saw the 1975-79 tragedy in Cambodia close up.

We had private drivers and guides in so many of the places, and they were all superb English speakers and so knowledgeable about the different sites. All this and the price was very reasonable, too. Thank you Ngoc for making my longtime dream a reality and even better than I expected.

Jim Barber, USA - Indochina Holiday 20 days, March 2017

Your Team Was Excellent

I am a US veteran, who returned to Vietnam with wife, adult son and daughter to show them the Central Highlands (4th Infantry Division A/O). I had fallen in love with the mountains and the people in 1969-70.

The guide and driver picked us up at the Pleiku airport at sunset after a many hour flight delay, took us to the wonderful HAGL Hotel and returned next morning to begin touring HWY-19, which I had frequently convoyed during the war. This time my son and I documented the beautiful mountainous route with hundreds of photos. We took HWY-19 west past Dragon Mountain to Duc Co and then returned to Pleiku to tour the beautiful new pagoda. Then we took HWY-19 east from Pleiku through Mang Yang (formerly Le Trung), the Mang Yang Pass, Hong Cong Mountain, An Khe (including a great lunch spot picked by our guide), the An Khe Pass, its switchbacks, and on to Quy Nhon for the overnight on the ocean.

Next day we were again picked up at our hotel and were taken to Phu Cat airport; back in the day, I could only see the Air Force Base from a mountaintop. Our guide and driver took us along back roads to get closer to that mountain. In time we headed for HWY-19, again, back to the foot of the An Khe Pass, where Road 637 goes north to Vinh Thanh, the former site of LZ Hard Times. Vinh Thanh has overgrown the old, ugly firebase and has become a beautiful town. A bridge now crosses the Song Con there.

Then after another wonderful lunch spot, they took us to the Quang Trung Museum and Cham Towers at Quy Nhon before returning us to the ocean resort.

Our guide and driver were either most familiar with the Central Highlands or they studied carefully in order to take us exactly where we wanted to go. I can’t wait to return with my younger daughter and her husband. We will definitely use More Fun Travel again.

Pat Ryan and Family - Veteran tour in Pleiku 3 days, Feb 2017

A Wonderful Stress Free Holiday

My brother, his wife and I have just completed a wonderful holiday in Vietnam which, largely thanks to the extremely efficient and reliable service of “more fun travel”, was totally stress free! We had an idea of the places we wanted to visit and some of the hotels we wanted, as my brother had been  to Vietnam twelve years ago. Ngoc took these bare bones and turned it into a very well organised, informative and relaxing holiday. The guides were great, friendly and willing to answer our many questions. The transport was safe, reliable and efficient. Couldn’t have asked for more and the price was the best we got from any of the travel companies we contacted! We can heartily recommend More Fun Travel to anyone wanting to visit Vietnam!

Frances Wang, Melbourne Australia - Vietnam Holiday 13 days – Feb 2016

Wonderful Care and Attention on our Bike Tour

We enjoyed 10 days cycling in North Vietnam, in the mountains with Phong and his team. It is a fantastic place to cycle, the scenery is wonderful, roads quiet (apart from mopeds laden with several people, children, animals). We saw someone with a fridge on his moped, and someone else carrying a live pig! The road is mostly well surfaced, and winds through the hill villages with its inhabitants wearing their stunning traditional outfits and head dresses.

I wanted to thank you for all  your wonderful care and attention on our bike tour. The organisation was brilliant, cycling was fabulous and we really appreciated the effort you went to  sort out vegetarian food for us both. The food was a real highlight for us. You made it seem so effortless to organise but I’m sure the reality was quite different.

You and your team worked so hard to make it a great experience for us, and it was clear that you are all proud to show us the best bits of your country. Phong you really are a great tour guide, really knowledgeable, helpful, fun and not a bad cyclist as well! All the team were fantastic, our driver Hoa, bike mechanic and helper Ming all pulled out all the stops for us to have a great time. We have lovely memories of the countryside, great people, food and a cold Beer Hanoi after a hard days cycling.

Ngoc and “More Fun Travel” arranged our extra days in Hanoi, transfers, and our 2 day trip to Halong Bay. Everything went really well, we enjoyed the 2 day cruise aboard the Chinese Junk. Ngoc had let them know that we are veggie and they provided a feast for us. The kayaking was a highlight, as was watching the sun setting over the Karst Islands.

Thanks again for a memorable holiday, and we hope to come back again to explore more of Vietnam, and would recommend “More Fun Travel”.

Helen Reade, UK - Biking tour 10 days – Feb 2016

I surely will book again with More Fun Travel

I highly appreciated the flexibility More Fun Travel had to offer. I could cancel or add parts of the trip as it was a private tour. The knowledge of the guides about Vietnam (history, daily life, economy, politics) is extensive.

They were also very helpful in any situation and their knowledge of the English language was beyond everything I’ve ever experienced in the South-East Asian region. I surely will book again with More Fun Travel.

Peter / Bangkok - Vietnam Holiday 21 days (Dec 2015)

Wonderful Tour of the Mekong

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful tour of the Mekong you organised for us. It was a jam-packed couple of days, but the whole experience was amazing, and we couldn’t have asked for a better guide than Hung. The boys loved him, especially his harmonica playing through his nose!! He was also very thoughtful in organising purchases, or experiences that we wanted (boys – hammocks, me – pork steamed dumplings).

The tour was as we wanted to experience the Mekong, away from the popular tourist areas. I think we saw only one other tour group in the time we were there. And Hung went above and beyond to show us things that were in addition to what was originally listed, such as the Crocodile Farm, and dropping into a local school.

We have found the whole experience of working with you in planning this tour very professional and going above and beyond what we expected, and what we received of other services in Vietnam. I will definitely be recommending Fun in Vietnam to others when they would like to visit.

Kellie and Jamie Workman and 2 sons (6 & 8 years old) 3 days Mekong Delta (Oct 2015)

Fun in Vietnam Organized Every Aspect of Our 17-Day Trip

Ngoc at Fun in Vietnam organized every aspect of our 17-day trip in August 2015 to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Mekong River Cruise and Siem Reap, Cambodia.  The five-star hotels, cruise ship and guided tours were fantastic.  We felt like we had a chance to glimpse cultures foreign to our own, and yet, after an exhilarating day of touring, had many of the “comforts of home” to return to. The guides were especially friendly, informative and prompt and allowed us to see and learn more than we ever would’ve on our own.  We would heartily encourage anyone considering an adventure in this part of the world to rely on Fun in Vietnam to guide them through the many choices in these exotic locales.

Ron and Sue Bentley, Arlington, Virginia - Vietnam and Cambodia (Aug 2015)

Returning Visitors

In the last years we’ve visited Vietnam two times: in 2008 and in 2009. Both trips were arranged by you and your company; a young company – that’s true – but you have showed that More Fun Travel is a company with spirit, knowledge and job involvement of the employees.

First we want to say a few words about the way our both trips are composed: we’ve written you subjects we are interested in (nature, cultural environment and – for us the most important – all things about the French war in 1946 – 1954) and we have asked you to make a suggestion for a good trip. So you did – and your suggestion showed us your professional competences. For us it was also very important that it was possible to give our own input in it: when we would change some in the planning – you always had a possibility to arrange that; so together we’ve made an itinerary that was interesting, from the first day to the last minute. In that you was able to take account of our personal situation; medical reasons required certain standards for our accommodation and the way we were transported, and you arranged that excellent. Above that: it was also possible to make some changes during the journey.

The expertise of MFT reaches further than Vietnam alone: in 2009 we also went (arranged by MFT) to China. When we had a problem with our plane in Chengdu and our Chinese guide couldn’t solve the problem (she had forgotten to confirm our flight), one telephone call to MFT (on Sunday!) was enough to change our flight so, that we were at the good moment on the right place!

The prices MFT have calculated us gave us a good value for the money we’ve paid for it – of course, not too cheap, but absolutely not too expensive; and – for us it was important because in our country there are several general insurances which are recommended for every traveler. (ANVR and SGR)

Our 2008-trip was through North and South Vietnam; so we got a good overview from the history, the way of living and the way of working in the country. Because we were particularly interested in all things from the French War (1946 – 1954) we’ve asked you to arrange a second tour through the North, from which was that war the most important part. In that last trip, MFT gave us in Vietnam our personal guide and your own car (of course: with driver). With them we’ve visited all interesting places in Hanoi, Dien Bien Phu, Son La and so on. The trip was wonderful. Home again, we must conclude that it was wonderful; from the first to the last moment and we don’t have any critical note – that’s remarkable because we are rather critical…

For us a few things are clear: when we’ll make another trip in South-East Asia, including China, More Fun Travel is our partner!

China and Vietnam Holiday 21 days (July 2009)

Kees and Rieneke de Bondt - Kudelstaart. (The Netherlands)

Superbly Planned Itinerary

I cannot say enough good things about the 16 days my father and I spent in Vietnam under your superbly planned Itinerary. You made it very easy for us to enjoy ourselves without worrying about the normal travel problems. Every one of your guides and drivers were knowledgeable about the area they took us to and the local areas and customs. I apologize for such little notice I had given you to create such a detailed itinerary however there is not one thing you didn’t cover. My father served in the army during 1969/1970 and with such little information we were able to give you, you were able to research areas that even he barely remembered. I have to admit how skeptical I was during our first few conversations that plans were coming together so easily but with your constant updates and suggestions it turned out to be amazing. We will be using you again in the future and will also pass your information along to other veterans looking to “go back” for the first time. Again hats off to you and your excellent staff for such a well planned vacation. Please feel free to give my phone number out as a reference to others who wish to use your agency. Definitely a 10 out of 10. Thanks again…

James Collins - USA

Planned it Perfectly

It’s really funny how it worked for me, as it was by pure luck that I hooked up with More Fun Travel and Ms. Ngoc.

My main reason for coming to Vietnam was to tour the places I was at while with the 101st Airborne Division in 1970-1972. We basically set the tour up in a matter of a week or so. She planned it perfectly and it would not of been the same without here input. Our tour guide was a real unexpected treat. He was stationed as an interpreter at Camp Evans during the same time I was in country. I could not of been assigned a more knowledgeable or kind guide for this portion of the trip. He was able to take me to Camp Eagle, FSB Birmingham (B-Ham), Bastogne, and to the A Shua Valley. We actually were able to walk on a portion of the original Ho Chi Minh trail. Saw Eagles Nest from the valley and was also able to see FSB Veghal. Ms Ngoc did a terrific job. I can’t say enough to convey how well every detail was handled. From the moment I picked up my luggage at customs in Hanoi to the trip back to the airport to depart. I would highly recommend her company for all your planning needs. She has got it down pat.

101st Airborne Division 1970-1972 Returned July, 2009

Guy Shelton

Special Place in My Heart

Please! let me start out by expressing my personal thoughts & feelings about Ngoc Nguyen from Hanoi, Vietnam. Miss Ngoc became my tour specialist back in November 2006. After going over a long list of tour agents & companies. I made a decision to work with Ngoc on my quest to Vietnam. Sending many emails back & forth to each other. I quickly became quite comfortable with her. Always giving me answers straight & forward. If she did not have answers right then. Ngoc soon gathered them within a day or two, always getting back to me.

As you will read ahead the reasons I had to be so picky & needed perfection. My brother John Wayne Roberts U.S.M.C was K.I.A back on October 14, 1967 somewhere in the Quang Tri Province. Wondering for over 40 years where is that Province he was laid to rest & why? Back here in the United States the Vietnam 3/4 scale traveling Dignity Memorial Wall arrived at Springpoint, South Portland Maine on August 12, 2006. John being one of 12 killed in Vietnam from South Portland. At this time the family was asked if my brothers Purple Heart Medal could be placed under the apex of the WALL on its stay here for 3 days. A tradition that is used in every town the Wall visits, giving the Wall a Heart along with the Hearts of 58,000 man & woman who sadly gave their lives in the Vietnam Conflict. Five million Vietnamese lives were lost. With all this going on motivated me to research more into John’s death. That week I was interviewed by the Portland press Herald on my story of me being a “Soul Serving Son” (The last one standing to carry the family name on). Also my willingness to research my brother’s death. Plus! my involvement on building the Wall.

Getting the Wall ready to present to the some 10,000 people who paid their respects, visiting such a scenic ocean view. Needless to say that much of these news reports were being read across the country. At this point phone call, email and U.S mail connected me with several U.S Marines knowing of served with Johnny & spoke to him prior to his death, also how he lost his life. Most contacts were Marines involved in “Operations Medina” making them the “Lions of Medina”. All so overwhelming for me.

Now! I knew getting to Southeast Asia was a priority for me. Staying in touch with Miss Ngoc briefly. Until now that I had so much info to share with her in finding out where Johnny may have lost his life and his mission. This is when Miss Ngoc showed much interest in helping me fulfill my request. Also feeling that immediately she was very inquisitive about the “American War” and wanting to help me. It took several months trying gather information to make sure all was correct and put things into perspective.

Wow! Things were really looking up for me. Come on! It’s been 40 years. Staying positive most of the time. When I’d leaned to the negative side. Ngoc was always there to pull me back, knowing that this was a big step for me. With the help from the U.S.M.C. & Ngoc. We were there and pretty much narrowed down… John’s KIA spot. Ngoc furnishing me with some maps and also making a trip herself to the C-2 bridge and DMZ area. Informing things to me on her return trip back to Hanoi.

She met Miss Carol (John’s girlfriend 1967) and myself at the airport. We were off to visit Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Hai Phong. Moving on to Central Vietnam visiting Danang, Hue city. Finally the moment came that we were able to enter and visit the small village of Hai Son, Quang Tri province where John had been killed. Taking a moment to wander off by ourselves to pray. A feeling after forty years that I can’t explain or put into words. Two countries coming together.

Remember this is a small military story. It took almost a year to prepare and the ending results are beyond believe. I am a much better and happier person today after suffering for 40 years on what happen to my only brother back in October 1967. So if Miss Ngoc can do this for me. I see no problems booking that honeymoon, Military Tour or just that wonderful vacation to see the beauties and cultures of Vietnam. There will always be a special place in my heart for the Vietnamese people.

Steven D. Roberts - South Portland, USA

Excellent, Wonderful Trip

A huge thanks to More Fun Travel for the excellent, wonderful trip. Our guide very helpful, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. And tour designer did an excellent job, and was very helpful. Highly recommend More Fun Travel, especially for Veterans.

Kathy Ivy - USA

Superior Job of Planning

Overall, we rate our trip to Vietnam as very excellent. You did a superior job of planning and conducting this tour. I cannot describe what a wonderful job you performed. Words cannot do justice in describing the wonderful service…

The following sums up the trip – the War is long passed and Vietnam is a vigorous and exciting nation.

G. Hollands - USA

Professional and Knowledgeable

I think you did a great job in securing the hotels and the drivers. Everyone involved was professional and knowledgeable.

Way to many to describe although the ethnic minority villages were a highlight. I ate mostly with the locals and had a great culinary experience – The Ede village in Central Highland has excellent food – I highly recommend it. I even had an opportunity to visit a family and take part in a Buddhist Funeral… WOW what an experience.

I am more of an adventure traveler and I think I got a good view of that and it was a great experience.

Ted O'Connell - USA

Trip Exceeded Our Expectations

My husband, Bruce and I (Cindy) just felt that we wanted to say a huge thank you to More Fun Travel and especially to our guides, Khanh and Binh. We had a truly fantastic time. The entire trip exceeded our expectations. Our guides and drivers contributed hugely to making this trip one we would highly recommend to anyone who loves physical and cultural education. Khanh and Binh were people who know the meaning of service and going that extra mile. We feel very appreciative and privileged to have had them guide and support us. The accommodation, food and all the things in between were also superb. Please pass on our huge thanks and kindest regards to Khanh and Binh. We look forward to our paths crossing again soon.

Cindy Paraki and Bruce Webber - New Zealand

High Level of Professionalism

It is indeed a great pleasure to write and thank you and More Fun Travel for the wonderful services offered and provided for my 13-day sojourn of Vietnam, without question one of the most delightful places to visit in the world. I cannot find words to describe not only the high level of professionalism displayed by your staff, but especially their genuine interest in me not just as a customer, but as an individual and a friend. This effort, let me make clear, was beyond the call of duty and must be mentioned. Suffice it to say that on May 9, we were strangers; on the 22nd, we are life-long friends. Thanks to More Fun Travel, I feel more like I just returned from a family reunion instead of a foreign tour!

More Fun Travel manifests personable and the deeply uniquely refreshing humanness and like ability of the Vietnamese people at large, a feat any non-Vietnamese company likely could never accomplish. After just the second written correspondence with Ms. Nguyen, my assigned tour designer, I knew right then just what a wonderful trip it was going to be. She is wonderful! She worked with me tirelessly, offering advice and showing impossible patience, as I struggled back and forth trying to decide what I wanted do. Her planning, execution, and follow up of my itinerary was masterful, as she periodically checked throughout the tour to ensure that all was well and that I was satisfied. No wonder it seemed like a family reunion and not a tour.

LeDrew (Lee) Hudson - USA

Wonderful Trip

Hi Ngoc! We had a wonderful trip! The guide did a great job! The local people were very helpful and friendly. Tom and I are having a super time, Thank you for all of the hard work.

Maury and Tom - USA

Highly Organized and Very Flexible

In June 2007 I contacted several travel agencies to plan a return trip to Vietnam. I put together a group of ten Marines in total that had served together in India Company 3rd Battalion 5th Marines in 1966. We had specific places we wanted to visit and did not care to visit general or well known military places. Ngoc responded to my email within twenty four hours and gave me a general overview of a tour. I took that information and was more specific until April of 2008 we had arrived at our final schedule. When we requested to go into difficult places and she said that she didn’t think we could get there she pursued the matter with local authorities and got us permission. We ended up going everywhere we wanted to go and then some. This is a far different option than what you get with Stateside Tour Groups.

Once we got in Country she had arranged all of our bus, train and plane transportation along with our hotels, accommodations at a remote village (where we camped for one night) in which 80% of the people had never before seen a foreigner, and various tour guides. In addition she recommended various restaurants along our route. I cannot tell you how impressed we were with Ngoc. She is highly organized and very flexible and accommodating when plans change at the last minute.

I would highly recommend Ngoc to anyone wanting to return to Vietnam and you are more than welcome to contact me if you have any questions.


USMC 1966-1969 India Company 3/5 1966

John Olsen

Superb Job Organizing and Managing Our Trip

In April-May 2008, I returned to Vietnam with 9 other former Marines who had served together in the mid ’60s. Ngoc did a superb job organizing and managing our 14-day tour. I was particularly impressed with her ability to handle changes and rally on-site guides to areas in which we operated 40 years ago. When we hiked 18 km to locate old battle sights, Ngoc produced a knowledgeable local guide who had been born & raised in the immediate area of interest; he and Ngoc hiked in with us. Her organizational abilities and good humor throughout made our tour an enjoyably memorable experience. If I am able to return to Vietnam in the future, Ngoc will be the first person to contact.

U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)

Mike Carey

Extremely Pleased

Good afternoon/evening Ngoc, I have been meaning to sit down and write you an email since my return from Vietnam and our 2 week tour with your company, but like so many things these days, time just got away from me.

As you know, myself along with 8 other Marines and 1 Navy Corpsman from India Company 3rd Battalion 5th Marines 1st Marine Division returned in late April/early May 2008 to revisit prior areas of operations from 1966. This included sites from Chu Lai to Dong Ha.

To be very honest with you, I was not sure of what to expect after 42 years. I must say that I was truly impressed with your tour company and with you and your guides. In the end, I could not have asked for a better, more organized event. Your team was flexible, right on time, had the answers we needed or knew where to get them and their kindness and willingness to work with us along with their genuine and sincere support of our undertaking from the very start right up to the very end was most impressive!

I was extremely pleased with the hotels you arranged for us, the local restaurants you took us to visit, the sites you took us to see and the outstanding transportation you supplied during our trip. In closing, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for all of your teams hard work during our trip back to Vietnam and for your daily involvement and leadership during our return trip.

I would, without hesitation, highly recommend your company, you personally and your guides to anyone planning a trip to Vietnam.


Sergeant USMC
Vietnam 1966
India Company
3rd Battalion
5th Marines

Tom Gainer

Wonderful Experience

Dear Ngoc, Thank you and More Fun Travel for making our trip to Vietnam such a wonderful experience. Your wonderful personality and amazing knowledge I will long remember. Good luck for the future!

June and Neville - USA

Excellent Job in Arranging Our Tour

Ngoc did an excellent job in arranging our tour to revisit Vietnam. She completely customized our tour to accommodate our requests to locate various sites that we wanted to visit. This request included a return to a couple of very remote locations, as well as general operating areas, which we were able to positively identify as we walked through. She scheduled our 14 day tour so that we were not rushed. She arranged for local guides, as needed, as well as our hotel and even camping accommodations. When we required a change of itinerary, she was able to handle it smoothly for us. Ngoc and the people she provided did an excellent job. She was very responsive to our wishes. Everything she provided was customized to us. I would give her the highest recommendation. If I return in the future I will contact her to handle the entire trip again.

India Company
3rd Battalion, 5th Marines
Viet Nam – 1966/67
Returned May, 2008

Stan Guillaume

Very Successful 14 Day Trip

Ngoc and her staff at More Fun Travel organized and managed the itinerary for a very successful 14 day trip. Once in country we traveled by air, boat and automobiles, all tickets were pre-purchased and waiting for our group, connections were on time and the lodging accommodations were fabulous. We enjoyed knowledgeable enthusiastic tour guides that were very helpful with our personal needs to include eating and purchasing souvenirs. I highly recommend Ngoc and the Staff of More Fun Travel to anyone seeking adventure or spending time in Vietnam. One can travel or one can have “MORE FUN TRAVEL.”

Vietnam War Tour 14 days (Apr 2010)

Danny Brickey

Great and Very Responsive

Ngoc was great and very responsive. Her team is good, fast and speaks English well. We had a wonderful honeymoon in Vietnam. Thanks so much!

18 days Honeymoon Vacation in Vietnam and Cambodia (Sep 2010)

Roger Pier and Sonali Shah - New York, USA

Extremely Flexible and Accommodating

The tour design and management was excellent: extremely flexible and accommodating. Communication was great! That was a selling point before I even decided to book. I would strongly recommend using More Fun Travel to book travel to Vietnam and Cambodia. All of the tour guides were excellent. Accommodations were thoughtfully chosen. Miss Ngoc is the best! We can’t say enough.

Vietnam Veteran tour and Cambodia Holiday 17 days (Sep 2010)

Renee Szabo and Loren Strand - Arlington, MA. USA

Incredible and Excellent Job

Our holiday in Vietnam is really one to remember. Wow, what an incredible and excellent job Ngoc did for us! The trip was very well organized and all our special requests were included in the schedule. We had great guides with a lot of knowledge of the country of course. Even when we had a few hours left, the guides knew other activities apart from the schedule to keep us active, like cycling in the countryside!

We were really surprised with the great hotels Ngoc found for us, especially the boat we stayed on while sailing through Ha Long Bay! Very good value for your money.

We are a group of five friends and family members, not the most ideal size for a group, but everything went very smoothly and we had great double and triple rooms. Also, traveling between one and the other destination was all done by good and reliable minibuses and experienced drivers.
We would really, really, really recommend More Fun Travel, it has been the best traveling agency we have ever traveled with. The service is very personal, the responses are very quick and Ngoc really looks after you before and during the trip.

Thank you for making this trip the best we could imagined! All the best for you and your family.

Warm regards,

To all the dutchies: zeker de moeite waard om met dit bureau je reis te plannen! Veel persoonlijke aandacht, alles keurig geregeld en fijn met je eigen groep op pad. Absolute aanrader!

Vietnam indepth 22 days (Sep 2010)

Niels, William, Sven, Lars and Dewi - Opmeer, Netherlands

Wonderful Team at More Fun Travel

My husband, myself and our 2 daughters aged 18 and 23 had a fantastic time in Vietnam thanks to the wonderful team at More Fun Travel. The tour guides were great, the trips were tailor made to suit our family and we found it to be such great value for money. We hope to return to Vietnam again and we would not hesitate in contacting Ngoc to help us arrange another visit to this fabulous country.

Vietnam discovery 15 days (Nov 2010)

Smalley Family - Queensland, Australia

Highly Recommended!

The tour was organized in a matter of days. On Tuesday evening we contacted Ngoc at More Fun Travel from a personal recommendation and requested ideas for a two week itinerary for a family of 5. On Saturday evening we were on our way with all internal flights, accommodation, guides and drivers and many meals booked for us! The whole trip went without a hitch. Our children particularly enjoyed the active aspects of the tour – cycling, cooking, driving the boat etc and this is important is designing the tour – highly recommended!

Vietnam Holiday 14 days (Jan 2011)

Yvonne and Lindsay - Perth, Australia

Best Trip and Tour

Best trip and tour I and my wife have had in many years. The guides were great, we went were we asked to see, they went out of there way to find places forgotten about years ago. Our guides were very careful getting us on and off boats etc. The boat trips through tributaries were amazing. The drivers were quite good. Our in country flights were just fine, everyone was waiting for us when we disembarked. We would gladly share our recommendations, or comments with anyone consideration a trip to Vietnam.

Vietnam holiday 15 days (Mar 2011)

Lynn & Dave (Vietnam Veteran) - California, USA

Exceeded Our Expectations

My experience with Ngoc at More Fun Travel in Vietnam began in August of 2010, ten months prior to my arrival date of June 14, 2011. From the inception of my plans to travel to visit Hill 488 (Nui Vu) in Vietnam, Ngoc was extremely helpful. When other travel agencies tried to steer me away from my intended destination of Hill 488, Ngoc guaranteed that More Fun Travel could provide the itinerary that I wanted. Before she had received any deposit, Ngoc sent one of her guides, Vinh, to scout Hill 488 and determine which trail would be the best to take on our hike to the top. I asked Ngoc if she could find a veteran of the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) unit that was involved in the battle on Hill 488 who would be willing to meet with me. After a few weeks, Ngoc sent me an e-mail stating that she had found one of the veterans and that he was willing to meet with me.

Ngoc was very patient with me as I changed the itinerary several times before settling on a final schedule and she made all of the “in country” air and land travel arrangements. On the day that we arrived we asked for a schedule change and she and Vinh were very willing to accommodate our wishes. So, we added a trip to Hue to visit the Citadel on our arrival. Vinh, our guide, was very polite and knowledgeable and fulfilled all of our wishes during the tour. When visiting local residents and businesses, Vinh was very helpful as an interpreter and verified all of our tabs for accuracy and ensured that we were never over charged. In summary, our experience with Ngoc and Vinh of More Fun Travel in Vietnam exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend their agency, More Fun Travel, if you are considering a trip to Vietnam.

5 days in Vietnam (June 2011)

Ray Hildreth (Vietnam Veteran) - Tulsa, USA

Best (19 day), Touring Holidays We Have Ever Enjoyed

Having traveled to most parts of our world for 30 odd years we decided to make our first visit to Vietnam. Having arrived at a draft itinerary we sourced price estimates from four well known Australian tour companies, which were all fairly similar.

In order to make sure our itinerary was sensible we also contacted 3 Vietnam based tour companies basically to compare the program we had planned, with what they offered. Two of the three responded and we were particularly impressed by one response which was very detailed and impressive to say the least – More Fun Travel in Hanoi.

We took up their free of charge offer to look at our basic itinerary and submit their suggestions, etc, to ensure we got the most out of our trip. For interest sake we also requested a quotation for them to organize our tour from Vietnam – previously we have avoided using overseas based tour companies for obvious reasons, particularly throughout Asia!

Frankly their cost was so attractive I contacted the Vietnamese Government to verify the company’s credentials, which came up 100%, and fully registered, unlike so many others, and much more reasonable than Oz company prices.

Long story short, we have just returned from one of the best (19 day), touring holidays we have ever enjoyed – just my Wife and I alone, in our spotless, private (late-model) air conditioned vehicle, pre arranged visas, an English speaking guide, and driver , superb pre-tour organization, professional , knowledgeable and courteous guides, pick-up and drop-off at arrival and departure points, wonderful superior hotel accommodation, internal airfares, entry fees (everywhere required), breakfasts and many lunches, best cruising junk Ha-Long Bay, and so much more.

The lady that runs this company” More Fun Travel”, Ms. Ngoc, has based her growing small business on providing the best possible customer service. Which, she frankly exceeds in every department – as an example we discovered, at 2pm in Hoi Ann, that we had left our camera in our hotel in Saigon (480km south), and being in Asia we figured we would never see it again. However, after advising our guide, and asking his advice on buying a new camera locally, he requested we delay that plan and at 11am the next morning, whilst touring in Hoi An Old Town on foot, a courier on motor cycle found us, with our guide, in the street and handed our camera to us safe and sound. Even a major itinerary change 7 days from departure was organized without any problem, or cost.The lady that runs this company” More Fun Travel”, Ms Ngoc, has based her growing small business on providing the best possible customer service, which she frankly exceeds in every department – as an example we discovered, at 2pm in Hoi Ann, that we had left our camera in our hotel in Saigon (480km south), and being in Asia we figured we would never see it again. However, after advising our guide, and asking his advice on buying a new camera locally, he requested we delay that plan and at 11am the next morning, whilst touring in Hoi An Old Town on foot, a courier on motor cycle found us, with our guide, in the street and handed our camera to us safe and sound. Even a major itinerary change 7 days from departure was organized without any problem, or cost.

At the end of our tour, after enjoying such a completely wonderful experience, we asked to meet Ms Ngoc personally before we left Hanoi and had a lovely chat with her over coffee. We enjoyed listening to her many questions of how we thought she could improve her service even further.

She is a delightful and special Lady striving to provide visitors the best possible service and a genuine overview of Vietnam, at an amazingly reasonable cost. Our private tour to Vietnam can only be described as absolutely first class in every single aspect.

South to North Vietnam 19 days (April 2011)
At the end of our tour, after enjoying such a completely wonderful experience, we asked to meet Ms Ngoc personally before we left Hanoi and had a lovely chat with her over coffee. We enjoyed listening to her many questions of how we thought she could improve her service even further.

She is a delightful and special Lady striving to provide visitors the best possible service and a genuine overview of Vietnam, at an amazingly reasonable cost. Our private tour to Vietnam can only be described as absolutely first class in every single aspect.

South to North Vietnam 19 days (April 2011)

James & Beverley - Gold Coast, Australia

It Was Spectacular

Just wanted to thank you for arranging everything for our visit to your lovely country. The Hanoi Boutique Hotel was excellent, and the staff so friendly and helpful. We loved Hanoi – such a vibrant city. But best of all and partially because of the amazing boat and accommodation was our visit to Halong Bay. It was spectacular, and the boat we were on FANTASTIC. Thank you also for meeting us on the Sunday morning. Your attention to detail was much appreciated. Thank you again, and we’d love to return to your wonderful country.

Mrs. and Mr. Cooper - U.K.

Very Impressed with the Service

I just want to say that the kayaking trip was amazing! Our tour guide was very informative and very helpful. He worked very hard to make sure we were comfortable and had a good time. I was very impressed with the service and everything that was included for what we paid. It was a great trip and I would recommend it to my friends.

Kayaking tour 2 days (February 2012)

Mike Maurer - USA

Knowledgeable, Flexible and Helpful

Hi Ngoc, I’m sorry it has taken so long to write you and thank you for all the efforts in putting together a wonderful trip for Ken and me in Vietnam. Although a very long flight it was worth all the hours it takes from New York – Vietnam is both interesting and diverse. Vietnamese people are very friendly, who seem genuinely happy. For the most part, we lucked out with great weather, except in Halong Bay which I recommend people do in warmer weather especially if it is an overnight cruise, and when there is less fog. The caves were something Ken and I did hike through. We also loved going to the Mai Chau villages – a most fascinating culture. Saigon was probably our favourite city, although the architecture in the French quarter of Hanoi was beautiful, and the water puppets were entertaining.

The tour guides – each very different were excellent, Phong, Vinh and Le. They were knowledgeable, flexible and helpful in so many different ways – we are most appreciative.

Wishing you and your staff a Happy and Healthy Tet!

Vietnam holiday 12 days (January 2012)

Judy Dannett - New York, USA

Guides Were Fantastic

I want to sincerely thank you for planning our Vietnam trip itinerary. We had a wonderful time in both Vietnam and Cambodia, and the guides were fantastic. For the price you charged, it was an incredible bargain. All the hotels were lovely. I especially enjoyed the Luxor in Hanoi with the beautiful balcony and the Victoria Hotel in Phan Thiet. The trip to Tam Coc was beautiful. We went on a rather cloudy day, but it worked out well. There were not a lot of people on the river, and so we felt we had it to ourselves much of the time. Watching the fishermen working in the river at close range was like being in a page of National Geographic for a day. The scenery and the karst formations were beautiful.

Our trip to Ha Long Harbour was also a unique and a “must see” experience. There are many “Chinese junks” operating there, but the one you chose for us was top of the line. It was a brand new boat and everything about it was five stars. We could not believe how beautiful the accommodations were, and the 5 course meals were totally unexpected. The food was delicious and the service impeccable. We were very lucky to have had sunny beautiful weather the entire trip so most of our time was spent outside enjoying the fantastic views and weather. The geology of the area is such that you feel you have been transported to another world!

We next flew to Hue which is a city with long and interesting history. Our tour guide, Mr Phan Van Vinh, was a walking historical encyclopaedia. We skipped the market tour and just spent the day on the Perfume River and touring the Citadel while he gave us a thorough history of Vietnam and its struggles with invading powers throughout the centuries. What a blessing he was in teaching us about the history of your nation. I can’t say enough about his incredible knowledge of Vietnam that he shared with us.

Upon arriving in Saigon, we toured the Cu Chi Tunnels in the early afternoon and got to crawl through them firsthand. The next day we toured the Mekong Delta where my husband had served his tour of duty during the war. What a change! He couldn’t even recognize the area. When he was stationed there, it was a very poor area with very small villages and much undeveloped. Now the economy is booming and people appear to be enjoying their new found prosperity. My Tho was just a collection of a few huts with half naked children running around in 1971. It is now in the midst of a building boom and a fairly large city with thriving economy and a burgeoning middle class. Motorcycles and cars everywhere!

We spent a wonderful 2 days in Phan Thiet enjoying a beautiful resort on the beach in a quiet area. It was a lovely rest break in our hectic schedule. We enjoyed watching the locals fishing in their half-round boats bobbing on the water. We also enjoyed a group of teens coming down daily to crack fresh coconuts and drink the milk while also enjoying a morning swim.

Cambodia is a must see for anyone traveling in Southeast Asia. Angkor Watt was a once in a lifetime experience. Our guide in Cambodia was Mr. Han Sophan. What a kind and generous man he was. We loved every minute with him. He also was able to give us a thorough history of the temples and Cambodian history. The temples were an otherworldly experience which I wouldn’t trade for anything.

The entire trip was a blessing! I am so glad I took a chance on you, not knowing anything about you but what I had gleaned from the internet. You made the extra effort and it showed. Everything was in order and according to plan. The accommodations were clean and comfortable, the guides top-notch, and I would recommend you to anyone planning a trip to the region. In fact my daughter already made a recommendation to a woman she met in Seoul who is planning travel with her hubby to Vietnam. Again thank you so much for your fastidious attention to detail, your planning of our individual itinerary, and your personal welcome when we arrived in Hanoi. The best to you in the future!

Vietnam and Cambodia Holiday 14 day (December 2011)

Howard and Nancy DeLong (Vietnam Veteran) - New York, USA

Exciting Experience

4 married couples got the opportunity to challenge the North of Vietnam by bicycle. We rode our bikes for 25 days and noted 1850 kms at the end. Never had such an exciting experience. This was made possible by FUNINVIETNAM. Their advice and back-up services did make us succeed!! Many thanks to Ngoc and her team!

North West – North East Vietnam Biking tour 30 days (November, 2011)

Alex Valkenborgs & Friends - Netherlands

Experience Was Terrific

Firstly, the experience was terrific. The guide and driver were superb. They did a great job balancing a three generation group of travelers – a variety of ages and interests and all were happy. I only have one thing I might suggest. If others are traveling to the Chu Lai area, they may be interested in staying in one of the beach resorts coming up. My dad was really excited to see that and if they were up and running he would have loved to stay there. It may be something to consider in the future. In fact, he mentioned that he may be interested in returning just to spend some time there.

The trip itself was well planned and seemed to be planned with just the right amount of activity and down time so that we weren’t over tired at the end of any day. Well done. Thanks so much.

Chu Lai tour (July 2011)

Raedel - MT, USA

We Will Definitely Be Recommending Your Services

Thank you for your email and yes we did arrive home safely after a very enjoyable and relaxing holiday in Laos. What a great country to visit and thanks to our tour organized by your company we got to experience many of its historical sites, beautiful countryside and met some very warm and welcoming Lao people.

Our thanks to the various guides we had during the tour. In particular we were grateful for their flexibility in organizing alternate sites and activities due to the wet season impacting on some of the planned activities.

Also we would like to thank you for dealing with the change in our accommodation in Vang Vieng due to the flooding of the Mekong River, at no extra charge to us. We were very grateful for your assistance.

We especially would like to thank our guide from Pakse, Mr Toukay. He went out of his way to give us a wonderful Lao experience.

Again thank you to yourself and your company for organizing a great holiday. We will definitely be recommending your services to our friends.

Lao tour 10 days (June 2011)

Phil & Jo-Anne Armstrong and Kev & Robyn Rodgers - Queensland, Australia

No. 1 Tour Operator With A Personal Touch

I came across More Fun Travel’s website by chance and have no regrets since. Ngoc is truly a remarkable tour adviser. I had my tour itinerary revised 10 times (13 days HCMC – HoiAn – Hue – Hanoi) prior to the trip and I have never met an adviser with so much patience and professionalism. Her feedback was speedy too. I am really impressed with her. She organized for us a private group of 4 for the ground tour in HCMC and Hanoi and her recommendations on hotels were really good and her English speaking guides were very knowledgeable in their respective fields. The transports provided were comfortable too.

HCMC is really amazing with the amount of motorbikes! Thanks, to Le (our tourist guide) who taught us how to cross the road. Don’t stop midway, just continue walking and the bikes will know how to avoid you. Cool yeah? If not for him, we would never get to Ben Thanh Market across the street from our hotel (Lavender Hotel). We enjoyed the Mekong Delta boat ride especially on the sampan (wooden boat paddle by oar). The water was so murky and still as we cruise along the mangroves that you can’t help imagine a crocodile swimming silently out from the mangroves and cruise alongside with you. 🙂

Hanoi is less chaotic than HCMC, what a relief. Ngoc recommended us Calypso Hotel which is located in the Old Quarter. We really like the boutique hotel which was clean and the service was good. Our tour guide is also named Ngoc, what a coincidence! Thanks, to Ngoc we had a wonderful tour of Halong Bay. The day before our tour it was reported in the local newspaper that strong wind is expected in Halong Bay but Ngoc told us it was okay to proceed and we went ahead. True enough, the bay was calm and we had a wonderful cruise with a nice seafood lunch on board organized by Ngoc (tour adviser) who chartered the whole boat for the 4 of us, make us feel so privileged. 🙂

We had a memorable trip in Vietnam, not only the places of visits proposed by More Fun Travel but also the food. Thanks to Ngoc’s personal attention to our itinerary. We will be back to More Fun Travel for our next destination to Cambodia. Book with More Fun Travel – the No. 1 tour operator with a personal touch. Thanks, Ngoc for the follow up courtesy call when we were in HCMC and Hanoi and the corporate gift with More Fun Travel embroidered on it. Cheers to More Fun Travel!

Vietnam holiday 13 days (June 2011)

Joyce & Family - Malaysia

Very Friendly and Knowledgeable

We were very pleased with our trip organized by Ngoc and her outstanding staff. We had a wonderful time traveling for two weeks throughout the country. The guides and drivers were outstanding. They were punctual, professional and very friendly and knowledgeable. Every aspect of our trip was carried out with precision. Our trip was custom designed by Ngoc and turned out to be everything we wanted and more. The hotels were excellent and reasonably priced, the restaurants were all first class and the sites were breathtaking. We heartily recommend More Fun Travel for anyone contemplating a visit to Vietnam.

Vietnam Holiday (February 2012)

Paul and Jennifer Noto (war interest) - Mamaroneck, NY

Faultless Itinerary and Organisation

Congratulations to you and your company for a faultless itinerary and organisation. We wanted to do a trip to Central and northern Vietnam and needed to personalise our itinerary to visit numerous places and adventures in a limited time frame.

After giving Ngoc our wish list via email she was always prompt (usually immediate) in responding to our requests. It took us just 4 draft itinerary’s to lock in our travel plans that fitted my initial ideas.

Everything worked like clockwork yet the guides all knew it was our trip and gave us the freedom to do whatever we liked..within reason of course!

Sometimes when booking with overseas operators there can be some nerves in relation to the security of monies and operators that come and go, I feel comfortable recommending this company.

A special mention to Son who was our guide in Sapa, he really made us feel part of his community, well done.

Vietnam holiday 11 days (March 2012)

Karl and Julie - NSW, Australia

Trip Of A Lifetime

This was a trip of a lifetime. It was made that by the expert planning and arrangements made by Ngoc, and the services of our guides, Mr. Phong in the Hanoi area, and Mr. Vinh in the central areas. Their expertise and knowledge of the geography and history of this most fascinating country and its people is no less than amazing. Our drivers, Mr. Cuong and Mr. Choung were outstanding. All of them were most courteous and punctual; they made our comfort and safety their top priority.

I am a veteran of “The American War” and my goal was to take my wife to visit some of the places where I had been while I was there in 1970 and 1971. Much has changed in those forty-some-odd years and most of the landmarks that I remember from those days no longer exist. But with the expert help of these professionals I was able to achieve my goal.

Vietnam is a beautiful country and the people are equally wonderful. They are always friendly, cheerful and kind. We were always at ease with them, with never a worry for our safety. We spent 16 days in Vietnam with overnight stays in six different cities and one night aboard a junk in Ha Long Bay. There were two in-country air flights and many miles journeyed on the roads and highways. All our plans were carried out with hardly a hitch, and when one scheduling conflict did surface, it was handled expeditiously and expertly with one telephone call.

The scenery was beautiful and the food was always especially good. The total cost of this adventure was amazingly low. Vietnam is a great bargain. Ngoc and her associates are at the top of their craft.

Vietnam Veteran tour 16 day (March 7-22, 2012)

Marisha and Billy Hall - Birmingham, AL, USA

Incredibly Responsive and Patient

My wife and I want to thank you for the amazing trip that you arranged for us to China and Vietnam. Ngoc was incredibly responsive and patient as we kept changing our itinerary, leading up to a trip we will never forget. My wife was anxious about going on this trip because we never spoke with Ngoc on the phone and ‘what if’ the guides didn’t show up? All of her fears were unfounded and gone the minute we got off the plane and were met by our guide.

Our guides and drivers were always on-time to greet us, to accompany us on our itinerary and answer our many questions about the area. They did more than we could have expected to help me find the places where I was stationed when I served in Vietnam 45 years ago. The guides were knowledgeable, friendly, flexible, and incredibly willing to please. They truly thought of our comfort and well-being. The hotels Ngoc suggested were wonderful. We couldn’t have had a more perfect trip.

We highly recommend Ngoc and Funinvietnam.com if anyone is considering a trip to Vietnam. You will not be disappointed!

China and Vietnam holiday 10 days (March, 2012)

Danny and Linda Yates (Vietnam veteran) - IL, USA

Highly Recommend The Services To Anyone

“A trip to both remember and make new memories”

We began planning for a trip to Vietnam over a year before we planned to go. Larry is a 1969-1970 Vietnam Army Veteran who served in ¾ Cav, 25th Infantry Division, Cu Chi/Tay Ninh. We wanted to find a blend of the nature and beauty of Vietnam and to see the places Larry served. We found exactly what we were looking for at Fun in Vietnam.

Ngoc was so patient and helpful as we went through 5 different versions of the itinerary before we found the perfect plan. What we did not really understand is that every day we would have a personal guide and driver who took care of all of our needs. That was wonderful and a welcome change for the two of us who usually travel very independently (usually using public transportation) and have been all over the world. Especially for Vietnam Veterans the guide and driver are really important to assist with finding the specific places of interest and relevance to the vet.

For example, for the places Larry wanted to go, there is no public transportation, and lodging would have been a complete challenge. Further, given the heavy traffic and driving patterns in Vietnam we would not recommend that Americans try to drive on their own. One option that our guides mentioned is that Fun in Vietnam arranges guided motorbike tours for tourists and/or veterans. The guides that we worked with were wonderful at history, culture, food, entertainment, and above all sensitivity to American Vietnam Veteran’s needs.

Their English was very good too. Above all, the guides were flexible and listened to our preferences and needs throughout the days we spent with them. It was like sharing experiences with new friends. The guides were all clearly thrilled to work for Fun in Vietnam, which speaks highly of the organization. We can’t say enough positive about our Fun in Vietnam vacation and would highly recommend the services to anyone interested in a personalized trip to experience the beauty of the country and its people. Peace and safe travels.

Vietnam holiday 15 days (March, 2012)

Lisa and Larry Hanson (Vietnam Veteran) - WI, USA

Saved Me Money, But Saved Me Precious Time

My wife and I have traveled to Vietnam several times, but because she is from Vietnam and we both speak the language, we never bothered working with a tour operator. Besides, in this day and age when you can get suggestions, read reviews and even book every aspect of your travel directly on-line, why would you ever want to use a tour operator? This was my way of thinking in the past, but now, thanks to the wonderful service provided by More Fun Travel, I will never make that mistake again.

I was concerned at first in placing all of my trust in people I didn’t know and a company I wasn’t familiar with – there are legitimate stories of people not getting what was promised and some not getting anything at all, and in the worst case scenario, people had their hard earned money taken from them. I promise that when you work with More Fun Travel, your money is safe, your plans are secure and your dream of having a wonderful vacation/holiday will be fulfilled. I’m even giving them credit for breaking the heat spell so my wife and I could have gorgeous weather during our entire trip.

More Fun Travel truly is a credible organization. They were very honest in reviewing my initial travel plan and offered suggestions that not only saved me money, but saved me precious time. I am certain our trip would have cost a considerable amount more had I tried to book directly online, and had I waited to get to the country to make my plans (a mistake that is suggested time and again on travel review sites), I’m certain I wouldn’t have gotten the bookings that would have fit my schedule. What’s amazing about this point is I moved my trip up by five months, and gave More Fun Travel less than 36 hours to make everything work for me. They did it just fine! From getting us our visas, a train and accommodations to Sa Pa, the right boat and itinerary in Ha Long Bay, plus 2 in-country flights (hard to do during the Reunification Day holiday), they pulled it all together, plus hotels, private transportation and guides, and all my wife and I had to do was show up.

I am very grateful to More Fun Travel for going above and beyond to make sure our trip was everything we could hope for. Truth is though, that going above and beyond is just the way they like to do business. I highly recommend everyone giving More Fun Travel an opportunity to give you a quote on your Vietnam vacation/holiday. Not only are their prices extremely competitive, using their services will make your trip so much more relaxing and fun.

Dan Egelund and Huong Trinh Egelund - Utah, USA

Pleasure To Experience Your Company

We had a truly fantastic time. For both of us it was unusual to be taken care of on all sides, as we had the pleasure to experience your company. Normally we organise things ourselves and we travel alone, but then we would usually know at least to some extent the local language.

It was very nice to have Phong and his friends as guides. Having available their knowledge about people and country was certainly one of the many colours that brought together the overall very rich picture. Seeing and experiencing Asia from another side was truly extending our horizon. We all are only getting the information that is available through newspapers, tv and the other public communication channels, which makes our picture invariable to be skewed. This certainly applies to what we have experienced having limited insight into the Indochinese domain due to the political climate. So our visit certainly has adjusted some of these pictures.

We returned full with impressions, pictures and experiences, whilst having the feel seen only a small part being hungry for more. We felt warmly about many of the people we met, is it Phong, Winh, Lee the drivers but also people we met on the road here and there. All the little events, like meeting a girl during a flash-rain in Hoi An, the waitress in the little only – Vietnamese restaurant we were on our last evening in Saigon, a family selling cards on the road, the self-regulating traffic conditions, to mention a few.

Your company has given us the possibility to see and experience your country. Operation and service were very reliable and professional, whilst being pleasantly people-oriented. My compliments, not only are you very professional and passionate when making the arrangement, but it has all been smooth and pleasant independent on what aspect that comes to mind.

Shortly: we had a very good time indeed.

Vietnam holiday 17 days (July 2012)

Heinz Preisig and Kristin Strommen - Norway

More Fun Travel Was Phenomenal

Our experience with More Fun Travel was phenomenal. Their home based office was right by where we were staying at in Hanoi so we walked over to do our tour arrangement. We met Ngoc and her husband.

They were extremely accommodating and friendly and put together a great trip last minute for us. The drivers/transportation/guides were all great. We felt totally comfortable the entire trip. We definitely recommend More Fun Travel and would use their services again!

Thanks for everything Ngoc

Vietnam holiday 9 days (September 2012)

Huong Nguyen and Clinton Hart - Canada

I Would Recommend Your Company To Anyone Traveling To Vietnam

On behalf of my husband and I (from Singapore), my 2 friends from England and my 2 sons (aged 6 & 8), a very big thank you for making our trip to Vietnam one to remember. You were so understanding of our needs and after we changed our itinerary about 4 times – the final draft was perfect. We had limited time to spend and wanted to do everything and managed to see lots of interesting things and hear all about the history and present day of Vietnam from our excellent tour guide, Phong. Phong was more than adaptable to our needs, considering we had 2 young kids who he looked after so well, and also 4 adults wanting to enjoy ourselves, he did a fantastic job and has a great sense of humour as well as being extremely knowledgeable. We had a cycle trip round Hanoi, saw the puppet show, went to the ‘locals’ bar for fresh beer, spent a night on the Junk boat, caught fresh squid from the boat, swam in the bay, had rowing boat trips, saw caves, floating villages, fish farms, stayed on Cat Ba Island – and lots more all in 4 days – this would never have been possible without the pre-organisation from your company and the guidance of our tour guide.

We have never used a tour company before, but after this trip would certainly recommend it to anyone. They take out the stress and uncertainties that you can experience in a different country. Most importantly, we felt very safe and well advised the whole time, allowing us to enjoy every moment. We decided what we wanted to do and they created an itinerary that was perfect – we were chauffeured everywhere, our hotels were pre-booked, all the meals supplied which were great and varied, the staff were excellent – and all at a great price – they even sorted our entry visa’s for us which was a great bonus.

We will definitely see you again in the future and I would recommend your company to anyone traveling to Vietnam. ‘Fun in Vietnam’ is the perfect name for your company!

North Vietnam Holiday 5 days

Sarah, Chris, Kat, Tris, Will and Thom - Singapore and UK

Impressed With The Planning And Detail

From our experience, More Fun Travels is the only way to travel in Vietnam. We were so impressed with the planning and detail in our 20-day trip to Vietnam & Angkor Wat set up by More Fun Travel.

Ngoc, the company founder, was so easy to work with and came to see us as we began our in Hanoi. She advised us on itinerary, offered ideas and was patient with all our questions as we were planning with her; which resulted in a wonderful vacation.

The guides we had (Duc, Minh, Vinh, Phong, Thanh, and Chan) were exceptional. They were so passionate and knowledgeable on their part of their country. Their enthusiasm powered us to do more than we could have expected – and they knew the best ways to do everything.

Ngoc and our guides did all the small and big things to make our trip smoother than we could possibly imagine. After we landed our toughest decisions were what time we wanted to start the next day.

More Fun Travel did things like always meeting us at airports or train stations, clearly explaining what we needed or wanted to know, having a hotel room for us to use for two hours after an overnight train ride, early check-ins when useful, a place to shower after a busy day before a flight and great drivers (really appreciated in the crazy traffic).

We learned so much about Vietnam from our guides and saw real homes and lives of the friendly Vietnamese people. Angkor Wat was phenomenal and our guide knew what order to do trip to avoid largest crowds and get best sunlight for pictures.

It was a great vacation and the thanks goes to the More Fun Travel crew.

Vietnam and Cambodia Holiday 21 days
November – December 2012

Dennis & Jean Jennings (IL – USA)

Hassle-Free, Memorable Vacation For Our Family

We had so much fun visiting Vietnam. Thank you for taking care of all the details for our travels. We were very pleased with our hotels & our tour guides.

All the hotels we stayed at were comfortable & located very conveniently. The private charted boat in Halong Bay exceeded our expectations. Your tour guides (Lee, Quoc, Min, Khanh, Z, Chan) were very helpful & knowledgeable. They went out of their way to accommodate our requests which were not on the itinerary. Quoc took us on a local food tour, to a tailor, took me on his motorcycle when I did not want to ride the bike. Khanh squeezed in a pho breakfast at the famous pho restaurant in Hanoi for us.

Chan stopped at night food stalls for us to taste local delicacies, like crickets & grasshoppers. We appreciated the guides taking us directly to the group check-in counters at the airports. This eliminated the confusion of where to go & having to wait in long lines.

Since everything had been planned in advance, we did not have to worry about anything. We will definitely use More Fun Travel the next time we visit Vietnam and tell our friends who are planning on going.

Thanks again for making it a hassle-free, memorable vacation for our family.

Vietnam and Cambodia holiday 15 days
December 2012 – January 2013

Alice Wong and family (California, USA)

We Had An Amazing Experience!

Thank you so much for assisting us during our recent 15-day trip to Vietnam and Cambodia.

From beginning to end, we had an amazing experience! Your quick e-mail responses, great itinerary suggestions, and impeccable service are to be commended.

Each city had punctual, responsible, intelligent, and enthusiastic guides who were responsive to our needs. They went out of their way to assist us in finding local restaurants and hidden treasures.

When my husband forgot his camera on the bus he was devastated. Thank you for following up and bringing his camera to our next destination. I will definitely be sharing our pictures and experiences from this memorable trip.

Thank you for taking the stress out and making our trip incredible!

Vietnam and Cambodia holiday 15 days
December 2012 – January 2013

Lambert, Tracy, Ryan, and Kasey Jong (USA)

More Fun Travel Stood Out

Recently, a fellow Vietnam veteran and I spent 9 days in HCMC vicinity visiting places where we were stationed during our Vietnam tour with the 1st, 4th and 25th Infantry Divisions from 1966 through 1967.

This was our “Bucket List” trip. When I started planning the trip, it seemed to me that a Vietnam-based tour operator would best able to suit our needs.

Somehow More Fun Travel stood out as the name seemed to say it all. We simply gave Ngoc our list of places to see and she took care of the rest. I was especially impressed by Ngoc’s quick response to email questions – even after we made the last payment.

And her expert advice about what to pack, required inoculations, the strong recommendation to buy travel insurance and other such easily-forgotten things. After several iterations of the itinerary, we were ready to go.

We arrived on a Tuesday afternoon. Our guide, Nguyen Trang met us at the airport and we immediately hit it off. His knowledge, insight and friendliness exceeded our expectations. He and our driver were always on time in the morning and we managed to get in a full day’s touring.

While we found the places where we were stationed; however, we were surprised by the changes over the last 45 years. HCMC is a vibrant modern city, we found the house where I lived and the building where I worked (MACV II) my first month in Vietnam.

The Cu Chi caves were amazing. Black Lady Mountain was inspiring. Di An is totally industrialized. Vung Tau has the same wide, picturesque beaches which made it a popular in-county R&R destination.

The airstrip at Dau Tieng is now used as road. We even found some local citizens who were there when we were. Needless to say, we spent a couple afternoons comparing notes with Mr. Trang acting as our translator. And we especially enjoyed the Mekong River tour. Vietnamese food is great.

Thank you for the wonderful memories.

Vietnam III corps areas 8 days
October – November 2012

Dennis Gaj (MACV and 1st Infantry Division) and Anthony Ferreira (4th and 25th Infantry Divisions) – Los Angeles, California

Whole Trip Was Organized So Professionally

We arrived home tired after a long flight from Singapore. We have brought back so many wonderful memories of your amazing country.

The whole trip was organized so professionally by your company and all the guides and drivers are a credit to you.

Their knowledge and experience helped make our trip so relaxed and enjoyable. I would not hesitate to recommend you if any of our family and friends ever consider a trip to your country.

Many thanks again,

Tony, Susan, Ron and Pat, UK -Vietnam Discovery 15 days (November 2013)

Wonderful Holiday

It is amazing that we have been back a week after our wonderful holiday. We would like to thank you for organising it perfectly.

It was a comprehensive programme of interesting places we visited. All the hotels were excellent and everything ran so smoothly. The four guides were very knowledgeable and friendly and we enjoyed their company. A special mention for Maylinh in Sapa who was very good and took us to The Homestay which was an unforgettable experience.

We could not find any faults at all and will leave some favourable comments on trip advisor. Thanks once again.

Martyn and Linda, UK - Vietnam in-depth 19 days (August 2013)

Wonderful Time In Your Beautiful Country

We had such a wonderful time in your beautiful country. It was a truly memorable holiday. My most endearing memories will be the happy, helpful, energetic people and the fabulous food.

All the hotels were excellent but our favourite was the Ancient House in Hoi An. Our favourite restaurants were also in Hoi An – too many to name just one.

All the excursions were fun, particularly the bike rides, lantern making and cookery class. The boat trip on Ha Long Bay was fabulous, especially the food. Hue was definitely worth a visit.

Given more time we would have had an extra day in Hanoi. We were just about getting used to the traffic and the humidity and finding our way around when it was time to go. We would also like to have had an extra day in Sapa. It was so relaxing and the people so interesting.

Jez Hemans ad family, London, UK - Vietnam holiday 17 days (July 2013)

A Most Memorable Trip For All Of Us

This is just a short email to say how much all four of us enjoyed our travel experience to Vietnam.

Our holiday was made very special thanks to your organising and your great staff (guides) very much so was Lee in Saigon, it was so much naughty fun” to have him guiding us “he is a true gem”.

We cannot thank you enough for the reminder of Vietnam in the way of the tablecloth, and meeting you also certainly put a personal touch to the start of our tour.

Once again thank you so much for you planning of a most memorable trip for all of us, you are worth your weight in gold.

Yvonne Krammer and friends, Queensland, Australia - Vietnam holiday 10 days (May 2013)

Extraordinary Knowledge Of Their Country

Upon the recommendation of a friend, I contacted Ngoc and asked her to arrange a holiday in Vietnam for my wife and I. Ngoc then organised everything for our trip, including a driver, guide, accommodation, internal flights and most meals to cover 14 days in Vietnam.

There was nothing I had to organise other than to get into the country to start the holiday. She made it so simple. Our holiday went as smoothly as Ngoc’s organisation.

We had three different guides, who all had an extraordinary knowledge of their country and all showed how proud they were to represent their people and culture to us foreigners.

The accommodation was first class, the meals were delicious and the tours interesting and, in some cases, spectacular. I can commend Ngoc and her company, More Fun Travel, to any potential visitor to Vietnam.

Gary Bourke, Australia - Vietnam holiday 14 days (May 2013)

Thank You To Your Team For Helping

A big thank you to your team for helping make our Vietnam and Cambodia trip a really great holiday! The guides and drivers in Hanoi/Ha Long, Hue/Danang/Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City and Siem Reap were all fantastic.

Your guides were very knowledgeable, treated us like special family and gave us a real local experience. They helped with hotels, flights, shopping, eating out – everything we needed. A special warm thanks to Vinh and Khanh in Danang – they really looked after us like close friends.

We are so glad that we booked our personalised tour with your local team and not with an overseas, impersonal big group operator. We’ve recommended a holiday in Vietnam & Cambodia with More Fun Travel to all our friends and if (hopefully when) we return we’ll use your team again.

Angela & Hans Brounts, New Zealand - Vietnam and Cambodia Holiday 21 days (March 2013)

5 Star Service

Ngoc organised a 2 week tour of Vietnam for me and my family in April 2013. We were a bit late in organising our tour and were very impressed by Ngoc’s speed of response. Within days we had our programme sorted. We had a fantastic time in Vietnam. Everything was well organised and all the tour guides and drivers were personable, knowledgeable and reliable.

Ngoc understood the needs of my family with two active children of 9 and 11 years well and made provisions so we had enough variety in the tour. We visited HCMC, Hoi An, Hanoi, Sapa and Haloong Bay. Without Ngoc we couldn’t have had such a rich programme.

We loved Sapa and our home stay in the mountains. Our Sapa guide had totally sussed us out and suggested a change to the original plan and he was spot on.

When we didn’t like the hotel on Hoi An, Ngoc reacted immediately and within less than 24 hours we moved into a different and fantastic hotel. We can only recommend Ngoc and More Fun Travel – a 5 star service.

Uta Langley and family, UK - South to North Vietnam 15 days (April 2013)

Excellent To Work With

First of all, thank you for organizing a most memorable trip that far exceeded our expectations. You were excellent to work with in developing our complex itinerary; very professional, thorough and efficient in responding to all our questions.

Our guides in Vietnam were all gracious and pleasant. Phong and Vinh had a good grasp of our language and were easy to understand. They also did a good job of providing info on your countries history and culture. At times we had some difficulty understanding Trang but he more than made up for it with his tenacity to find people that I could talk to about my time in the military.

He also provided info on the trees and birds of your country and was great company for me as we hiked together to the top of Nui Ba Den Mountain.

Halong Bay and the Dragon Pearl accommodations and meals were excellent.

Your country has come a long way from what I remember 46 years ago. It made me feel good to see how vibrant your economy is and I also felt no lasting animosity towards Americans. On the contrary, people were very friendly and helpful; it all changed my bad memories of 46 years ago to good memories of today!!

Our time in Cambodia, Laos and Thailand was excellent.The culture, history and scenery were amazing. The guides in Cambodia (Chan) and Thailand (Ms. Jib) were superior; we would highly recommend them!

Chan had an excellent knowledge of history and the time of Angkor Wat. Ms. Jib was very pleasant to be with and spent a lot of time with us at lunch and in the evenings. This afforded us more opportunity to informally learn about Thai cuisine and the culture of her country.

All of our accommodations met or exceeded our expectations with the possible exception of our hotel in Tay Ninh, which was ok but not up to the others in quality. Transportation was top notch.

The vans were all clean and comfortable. Our drivers in Ho Chi Minh City (Win) and in Thailand (Tee) were amazing in the way they could maneuver thru heavy traffic.

I would highly recommend More Fun Travel for anyone considering a custom itinerary to South East Asia.

Charlie Keefer and family, USA - South East Asia Holiday (February 2013)

Our Journey Was An Unforgettable One

My parents visited Vietnam for 2 weeks with More Fun Travel and had such an unbelievably wonderful time there that they convinced me and my girlfriend to visit as well. Following their experience, I went immediately to More Fun Travel to organize the trip. Ngoc was always so helpful and gave sound advice during our planning phase, and together we devised an itinerary which suited us specifically.

Thanks to More Fun Travel, our journey was an unforgettable one. The service is admirable. The guides and drivers were always on time waiting for us, very respectful to us, super knowledgeable and informative, and got the perfect balance of guiding us through whilst allowing us privacy and independence. I also need to mention that whilst adhering to the devised plan, all guides were practical and flexible in the face of unexpected circumstances (such as extreme fog) to come up with great alternatives.

The booked accommodation and food was always of good standard (sometimes better than expected!).

All in all this trip was close to perfect and thanks to this company all 3 weeks went by pleasantly without a hiccup.

Another thing I need to mention is that on one occasion one of the airlines damaged our luggage. I was so impressed when Ngoc herself took it upon herself to arrange this issue for us even though it was beyond her responsibility to do so. Thanks to her, we were supplied with a new luggage to replace our damaged one and could happily continue with our experience in Vietnam!

Top notch! Highly recommended 🙂

Karl Spiteri from Malta - Vietnam and Cambodia Holiday 21 days (Dec 2013)

Efficient, Responsive, Attentive To Our Requirements

From the first point of call you and your team have been efficient, responsive, attentive to our requirements and very accommodating when our circumstances and plans have changed. Thanks to your recommendations our first time in Vietnam was truly unforgettable. All the guides were punctual and professional, the hotels you have suggested were of a great quality and we were very happy with the way our trip turned out to be!

All the guides were knowledgeable of their areas and willing to answer our questions and share the stories. Lee in Ho Chi Minh city was fabulous, he was very well-educated about all the places we went to and was very interesting to listen to.

All in all, I am extremely happy with our trip and will definitely recommend your services to all of my friends traveling to Vietnam!

Julie Starovoitova, Brisbane, Australia - Vietnam Holiday 19 days (Dec 2013)

Service From More Fun Travel Was Excellent

We found the service from More Fun Travel was excellent for our month long trip around Vietnam. We were a party of two, and wanted to cycle for as much of the trip as possible. A highlight was cycling downhill from Sapa, where there was snow on the ground at the higher elevations.

Our itinerary was thoughtfully planned and allowed us to see almost all of the major sights, including a great boat trip in HaLong Bay, tours of Hue and the Mekong River area, Cambodia to see Angkor Wat and other temples, and a visit to Phu Quoc Island at the end. All of our guides and drivers were great to travel with.

We would recommend this travel company to anyone.

Judith and Doug from Canada - Vietnam and Cambodia 30 days (Dec 2013 – Jan 2014)

Truly Great Vacation Experience

Both Irene and I would like to thank you for a truly great vacation experience. Everything was better than I expected. Our tour guides and drivers were very informative, courteous, and very knowledgeable. One even got us to try squid at an informal local restaurant. (Phong, it was a very good lunch, a better spot could not have been found).

Our guide who found my old fire bases at both An Hoa and Liberty bride was a man of great character and history. He is of my age and he remembers things the same way I do. He also hides his war remembrances the same way I do. Very interesting man. I truly hope he can visit his brother in the United States.

Our guide in Cambodia was very knowledgeable about the history of Cambodia and the ancient temples and ruins. He is a teacher and his students are very lucky to have someone of his quality teaching them.

I am not forgetting Lee, who could forget Lee. Always pleasant.

Our hotels were all very good. Locations were great. They allowed us to walk around the areas on our own and then come back and relax and rest comfortably. We enjoyed both our breakfasts and the local cuisine at each of our locations.

Your services truly made our vacation one that we will not forget. We have already bragged on your company to our friends and will continue to do so.

Irene and Phil, USA - Vietnam and Cambodia 13 days (March 2014)

I Loved Everything About This Trip!

I loved everything about this trip! We were lucky that our small group size allowed for highly personalized attention from our guides. In fact, our tour leader, Phong, felt more like a knowledgeable friend and traveling companion than a paid guide.

His outstanding command of English allowed for lots of fun banter as well as meaningful discussions, especially about Vietnamese history and culture. I learned so much. I found the cycling challenging in a positive and often exhilarating way.

I’ll be coming back again to do the North East Vietnam trip with Phong for sure!

Louise R. - Australia

Thank You For Being So Accommodating

I had an amazing time on our vacation to Vietnam. I’d like to first thank you for being so accommodating to our last minute schedule changes. I truly believe that those changes made a big difference for the better on our vacation. Thank you!

The tours through Hanoi and Hue were fantastic! Those were my favorite and I enjoyed Ho Chi Minh city as well. I only wish I could have had more time there. I didn’t get to see enough of it since time didn’t permit. Halong Bay was breathtaking. The tour through the floating villages and seeing the culture of the people was an experience of a lifetime.

Phong was a wonderful guide and was very knowledgeable about the city and the current government policies of Vietnam that I was very intrigued by. He was so accommodating to our every need and helped us tremendously with getting acquainted to being in Vietnam and teaching us how to get through the country safely. He knew so much about the history and culture of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and all the places he took us to. I learned so much about Vietnamese culture from him and he was always prepared to answer any and all questions that we had. I had a situation with my suitcase being damaged on the flight to Hanoi and needed to buy a replacement. After the driver dropped us off at the hotel, he went out of his way and offered to take me on his motor bike to buy another one and drove me to a store to get another one. Although I had my eyes closed during most of the ride there, it was quite an experience for me! He also made a random stop at a rice farm for me to take pictures and tell me about the life of the rice farmers that were on government assistance and the conditions they had to live with. I learned so much from him!

Ha Long Bay:
BREATHTAKING! The floating village tour was an eye opening experience. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to see the world that the villagers live in and to be completely immersed into it. The staff on the ship were very organized and kind and the service was great.

MY FAVORITE STOP. I saw some pictures of the hotel today online and wished I could be there. Vinh and Mister T were WONDERFUL. Vinh clearly has passion for his job and passion for his country and is proud to share it. I felt like he could sense what we “needed” from our visit to my mom’s birthplace. It was like he KNEW us and was able to touch our hearts in different ways and perspectives. We were all touched by the things he did and showed us. He had an album with snapshots of historical pictures of the places he took us to so we could see the difference of then and now. He knew the history behind all of them. He seemed to know what my father’s memories were from being in Vietnam during the war and everything he said my Dad could relate to or knew of. He did an amazing job taking my mother through memory lane of her childhood and let us see and visualize my mother’s life then. For example, my mother was singing a song as we walked to the Citadel and he heard her. He took his phone out and played the song she was singing, then gave the phone to her and told her to take a walk and listen to it. As I watched her walking and listening and singing, I imagined her as a child singing that song as she walked along by herself. We had a free day there and I called him in the morning to see if he would take me on a bike tour through the countryside. Without hesitation he said he could be there in 45 minutes and was standing outside our hotel with 2 bikes ready to go. I wanted to see a glimpse of my mother’s childhood and he pointed things out that were images of what my mom’s childhood was like. We stopped at random places and he would direct me to take pictures of certain things and then explain what it was about. Now I have pictures with stories behind them all. As he did for my mother, I told him about a song that my mother used to sing when I was a child. He had us stop at a rice field and turned on the song that he had on his phone and told me to listen to it. It was a very emotional and special moment for me and it couldn’t be more perfect. He knew that I wanted to know more about my mother’s life and recommended a book for me to read which I really appreciated. (The book is “When Heaven and Earth Traded Places”) The visit to the orphanage and the home for the elderly was so much more than I expected it to be. It was emotional, but it was good to be able to bring food, clothing, and treats for the children. He took us to where he thinks the unmarked grave of my mother’s mom is buried where my mom was able to feel that she was in her mother’s presence. I could go on and on about Vinh. He touched all of our hearts and gave us what we came to Vietnam for. I also want to mention that Mister T was great too! He was so helpful and cheery and we all enjoyed him as well!

Both Phong and Vinh were the best and both of them made my vacation a memorable experience. And also your help with making our changes to the itinerary is so appreciated! This was certainly a trip of a lifetime for me. I would recommend your company to anyone that is going to Vietnam.

Thanks for everything Ngoc!

Suzie Peterson and family, USA - Vietnam holiday 15 days (March 2014)

Your Services Truly Made Our Vacation

Both Irene and I would like to thank you for a truly great vacation experience. Everything was better than I expected. Our tour guides and drivers were very informative, courteous, and very knowledgeable. One even got us to try squid at an informal local restaurant. (Phong, it was a very good lunch, a better spot could not have been found).

Our guide who found my old fire bases at both An Hoa and Liberty bride was a man of great character and history. He is of my age and he remembers things the same way I do. He also hides his war remembrances the same way I do. Very interesting man. I truly hope he can visit his brother in the United States.

Our guide in Cambodia was very knowledgeable about the history of Cambodia and the ancient temples and ruins.He is a teacher and his students are very lucky to have someone of his quality teaching them. I am not forgetting Lee, who could forget Lee. Always pleasant.

Our hotels were all very good. Locations were great. They allowed us walk around the areas on our own and then come back and relax and rest comfortably. We enjoyed both our breakfasts and the local cuisine at each of our locations.

Your services truly made our vacation one that we will not forget. We have already bragged on your company to our friends and will continue to do so.

Thank you, again.

Phil and Irene Van Kersen, USA - Vietnam and Cambodia 13 days (March 2014)

Thank You For Your Help And Fantastic Itinerary

We are home from our 13 day trip of your wonderful country and would like to thank you for your help and fantastic itinerary. All four of us had a great time and were utterly exhausted yesterday when we arrived home. Your professionalism and attention to detail really made our trip fantastic. Your instructions for our Visa on Arrival were precise and saved us a lot of time.

All of the hotels were great, the junk in Halong Bay was lovely, the tour guides were very helpful and flexible. They all spoke English very well and their suggestions for activities on our days off and restaurants to visit were amazing. The drivers were courteous and helpful and the modern and clean vehicles were spacious and comfortable.

This was our first overseas trip and you definitely made it one to remember. We especially appreciated that you took the time to meet us in Hanoi when we arrived at our hotel and the gifts you had for us were very thoughtful. James has already changed over his pens to use it at school and Samantha is using it to keep her work keys and other things for work together.

Again thank you for all your efforts in making our holiday special. We will definitely recommend your company to friends and family traveling to Vietnam.

Stephen and Leanne Robertson, UK - Vietnam Holiday 14 days (April 2014)

Thank You For Arranging An Excellent Holiday In Vietnam

Let me start by saying that our intention is to return to Vietnam in the not too distant future – it’s an amazing country and one cannot help to think that we’ve only seen and experienced a very small part of it. Each destination in Vietnam offers a unique blend of history, culture and scenery making for a travel experience unlike any other.

As far as our tour is concerned I have to compliment you on your friendly, efficient and professional service. Right from my very first e-mail you’ve consistently provided excellent service and based on this I will strongly recommend More Fun Travel to anyone who wants to explore Vietnam. We also appreciate your meeting with us in Hanoi and were delighted with our gifts.

The tour itself went by without any problems – all accommodation, transfers and outings were well arranged and of good quality. Be assured that in many instances our expectations were exceeded.

The tour guides were all friendly, helpful and communicated quite well. We did however feel that especially in Hue and Hoi An that outings were somewhat rushed and that information on things to see and do around these towns were somewhat lacking. If time is limited the tour guide should make this clear up front, but to be honest one expect the freedom to take your time and appreciate what you see.

Again, Ngoc we would like to thank you for arranging an excellent holiday in Vietnam for us. We hope to return soon!

Kind regards from Nam Phi

Francois Streicher and friends, South African - Vietnam Holiday 14 days (April 2014)

You And Your Staff Were Superb

I was totally happy with the trip. You and your staff were superb. Everyone was always punctual. I was very happy with your choice of lodgings. Even in remote areas like Khe Sanh and Aloui. The accommodations were very good. We loved Hoi An Garden Villas. The staff there was so friendly and accommodating. We also liked the Ngoc Houng Hotel in Hue. The breakfasts were all good, but were particularly tasty at Hue and Hoi An. Mr. Phong and Vinh were great. Both are very knowledgeable, attentive, accommodating, and friendly. Our driver, Mr.T, was a jewel. He navigated danger flawlessly and managed to avoid a wreck because of his quick reactions when a H’re tribesman pulled out in front of us on a motorbike, carrying a log on his shoulder. If I come back again, I , for sure, will use your travel service. I would be happy to recommend your service to anyone unequivocally. Thank you so much for your careful planning and responsiveness to our needs, and thanks for hiring such a professional and competent staff.

Terry Stulce and friends, USA - Vietnam Military tour 17 days (April 2014)

The Whole Trip Was Awesome

We thought that the whole trip was awesome. We really did enjoy it and not what I expected. You and your team are to be congratulated on your efforts. Well done. We can’t thank you enough for this experience.

Guide………Our first guide was a real character. He was easy to understand and he particularly has a great sense of humour. He was only too willing to help in any way and we did enjoy his company. When he said a time for us to meet him, he was always there on time and often earlier. Nothing was too much trouble. He is definitely a bonus for your company. Rates 10 out of 10.

Guide………Our second guide was also very good as he had firsthand knowledge of the history of your country. A very pleasant man with a quiet approach and always was upfront with any questions we asked. We realize that things would have been very personal to him with regard to the history of the country. He also was only too willing to please. We respected him a lot because of what he had been through and admire him for that. We were also impressed when he said that the veterans brought him to Australia for three weeks. They must have thought a lot of him to offer him this opportunity. He is a bonus to your company because of his firsthand knowledge of the country. Rates 10 out 10.

Guide…………Our third guide we will admit, was our absolute favourite. Being younger, he had all this energy, easy to understand and was on the ball at all times as us Aussies say. Always on time, and also eager to help with our needs. He was outstanding with his approach, great sense of humour also. He is a great bonus to your company. Oops, he never carried any of the company business cards with him. We wanted some to give out to our friends when we got home. Rates 10 out 10.

Drivers………All three drivers were polite and drove well. We especially liked the first and the last drivers. They all were courteous to other drivers on the road and we had no problem. It must be a challenge to keep out of everyone’s way on the roads but these guys managed brilliantly. We also rate them 10 out of 10.

Hotels………These were outstanding. We found all staff in each hotel courteous and willing to assist in anyway. Thank you for your choice of the hotels for us in our itinerary especially when you chose the l’Ópera for our last night.

Itinerary………..We compliment you on your planning of our trip. We especially want to thank you for the bouquet of flowers, the napkins and also the cake from the hotel. That was certainly a highlight for our 44th wedding anniversary. How thoughtful. We will definitely promote our experience and refer people to your company.

Errol and Laurel Murray (Two very happy clients), Australia - South to North Vietnam 14 days (May 2014)

Our Tour Was Fabulous

Firstly, the service from yourself in organising our tour was fabulous. You included everything we wanted as well as any extras you knew we would enjoy. In other words you listened to your customers and hence provide an excellent service. The present presented to us at the end of our travels was extremely thoughtful and a great way to end our tour with you, as well as a wonderful memory of the fantastic tour we received!

Secondly, the guides were extremely welcoming and informative. For two girls travelling on their own around a very different country this was imperative to the enjoyment of our trip and we never once felt uncomfortable or stressed.

The inclusion of outside tours meant that we had opportunities to meet other travellers and share our experiences, and in some cases meet for drinks after the tour! The driver service was phenomenal with the large, spacious, well air conditioned vehicles in every city making travelling much more pleasant in the 30-40 degree heat! The guides themselves were local to each place and hence had lots of inside knowledge on ancient history and even the best places to eat a foreign guide wouldn’t be able to provide.

The guide we had for Danang, Hoi An and Hue was especially good with his knowledge and we had one of the best meals I have ever tasted at Trung Bac in Hoi An thanks to him!

A massive thank you to Sunny who was the friendliest woman I have ever met and a wonderful introduction to Vietnam and the kind people that live there. Sunny’s tours were that good, we often had other tourists attempting to tag along on our tours around public areas such as the reunification palace etc!!

In conclusion, after travelling to many countries including Japan and South Africa I can easily conclude that Vietnam is most definitely my favorite place I’ve been. I believe this is due to the vast diversity of landscape within the single country, the friendliness of the people, the huge amount of fantastic un-westernised culture that still remains and the quality of the tour that allowed us to see and do so much in this fantastic country.

I would like to say on behalf of myself and Becky, thank you so much More Fun Travel for making our Vietnam experience truly and unbelievable yet unforgettable one.

Much love to you and your team.

Becky from Bolton and Becky from Birmingham (UK)!!! - South to North Vietnam 15 days (June 2014)

I Will Most Certainly Recommend Your Company

Hello My Vietnamese Friends,
Just a few words, extended to your wonderful company. The excellent food, the hotel accommodations, were first class. The personal attention you gave to me, your wonderful guides, all is a memory, I will always cherish. I will most certainly recommend your company, to anyone interested, especially any veterans in America, desiring such information. At the top of the list, is your hospitality. I really loved your people and wish them well……


Tom DeSantis, USA - Vietnam tour 14 days (May 2014)

Such A Wonderful And Stress Free Trip

I am so happy that we chose More Fun Travel for our trip to Vietnam. Our father was a returning veteran and Ngoc customized our tour to include the places he had been stationed. She took into account the differing needs of all our travelers and the tour was a perfect combination of activity and relaxation. Our accommodations were excellent and the vans well maintained and comfortable.

Our guides were outstanding; friendly, knowledgeable, fun and fluent in English. Hung, our guide in HCMC and the Mekong Delta area, grew up during the war. His experiences and insights were invaluable to us. Trang, our guide in Hanoi, was young. She was able to provide us with a young person’s perspective on the cultural changes that are occurring in the country. Both of them were very aware and attentive to the needs of our father. We felt like we were traveling with friends.

We had the opportunity to meet Ngoc while in Hanoi and it was nice to meet the person who had arranged such a wonderful and stress free trip for us. I would definitely use More Fun Travel again and recommend them to any one looking to travel to Vietnam.

Lori Lagorio and family, USA - Vietnam holiday 8 days, June 2014

The Tour Guides Were Great

Overall the trip to Vietnam was enjoyable and well. All the other hotels were nice. The tour guides were great. They did an excellent job in explaining things from Vietnam, were very helpful and easily understood. The sites from Vietnam were very interesting and gave me a great insight into what life was like there when my father was in the war. He enjoyed the pictures and said it has changed greatly since he was over there. You did an excellent job as a tour director and finding the sites I wanted to see. The vacation was very rewarding and enjoyable.

Nick Neimerg, USA - Vietnam tour 9 days, June 2014

We Had A Great Time In Hanoi

Thank you so very much for a wonderful trip! Thanks to you we had excellent guides. Truong, Hang, and An were particularly good.

Truong was professional, knowledgeable, articulate, flexible, cheerful and mindful of our safety. We had a great time in Hanoi and trip to Ha Long Bay.

Hang was professional, sweet, knowledgeable, attentive to Ellie, and resourceful. She made it possible for us to go into the hospital Ellie was born in to meet the nurses and a hospital administrator. It was a memorable experience for us. We’re very lucky to have this thanks to Hang.

An had a wealth of information and a great ability to teach and tell stories from history. His information on archaeology was fascinating. It happens that we have some of the ceramics at home that he helped recover from a shipwreck.

We appreciated Thanh in Saigon. He was helpful and kind. We enjoyed our tour and the AO show he helped us get tickets for.

The drivers were all very professional and safe. We appreciate our driver in Hanoi Mr. Thanh for safety and professionalism and our driver in Hoi An/ Hue for his long driving all on one day and patience.

Thank you for your part in arranging our tour. We appreciate all your help, including help with our airline tickets. We know you were checking to make sure our trip was smooth and our visas were working. We will be sure and tell our friends about More Fun Travel.

Best regards,

Jocelyn White and family, USA - Vietnam Holiday 18 days, June 2014

Our Sincere Thanks To Ngoc And Her Team

In November 2014 we enjoyed a wonderful 17 day tour of Vietnam, including 3 days in Siem Reap, Cambodia to visit Angkor Wat. Our sincere thanks to Ngoc and her team for their attention to detail from the very first email we exchanged. Ngoc was recommended to us by a previous happy client, and we are now delighted to pass on the same recommendation to anyone considering such a trip.

On reading previous reviews here, much that we would say has already been covered in glowing terms. Our initial ideas to Ngoc were considered and built on, suggestions and improvements made, and all contact was prompt and personal. The cost was very favorable. All accommodation and internal flight bookings were made – it was just so easy and comfortable.

Our guides quickly became friends, and happily shared their knowledge and love of their country. We learned much just from their conversation. To Phong, Thuon, Le and Saphon in Siem Reap – and all the terrific drivers who kept us safe – thank you!! Forgive me if I have misspelled any names.

To Smiley, Duc and the others on the Prince in Halong Bay – our thanks too. We were so well taken care of!

17 days was just a whistle stop tour we realize, and we flew the long stretches, so don’t stint on time if you have a choice.

Our thanks again to all, and to anyone still wondering – wonder no more – email Ngoc at More Fun Travel/Fun in Vietnam and just go!!!!

Our best wishes to all in Vietnam and Siem Reap

Susan and David, Australia - Vietnam and Cambodia Holiday 17 days, November 2014

Everyday Was Better Than The Last

Our trip to Vietnam was simply the best. Everyday was better than the last. The weather was wonderful and it was nice to see the rain on our very last day.

I really liked Hoi An and hope to return, someday. We were especially impressed with Ton and his knowledge of Ho Chi Minh City and Quack’s enthusiasm and expertise was remarkable.

As a Vietnam Army Veteran with PTSD. This trip helped me, to know that your country is moving forward in a good way.

Michael Holub, USA - Vietnam military tour 11 days, November 2014

A Memorable Visit To Vietnam

I wanted to say a very big thank you to you for putting together a memorable visit to Vietnam. We had an amazing time, full of adventure, and a real opportunity to see a completely different country with a very different culture and lifestyle from our own.

Our tour guides were great; informative and responsive. Everything was well arranged and ran smoothly.

All three hotels were good. Obviously Chen Sea Resort was the most luxurious.

I will definitely pass your name on to my friends in South Africa. Vietnam is becoming a very popular destination for South Africans.

All the very best and once again, thank you.

Lisa and family, South African - Vietnam holiday 13 days, December 2014

Best Holiday In Our Fairly Extensive Travel Experience

The period 12th  through to 26th  December 2014 which the Thompson family (Rob Sue and Aileen Thompson) spent touring Vietnam, under the care and guidance of “More Fun Travel” has to rate as the singularly best holiday in our fairly extensive travel experience.

Ngoc, Phong and their further band of expert guides and drivers never failed to produce in terms of exact timing, accuracy, efficiency and exemplary friendliness. The special itinerary designed around our fields of interest was precise and detailed. From the moment we arrived in the country we felt that we were in good hands. All arrangements worked seamlessly and without any incident whatsoever. Impeccable driving made us feel safe in strange and to us “frenetic” traffic conditions. Accommodation arranged was exactly as per (and most times surpassed) the standards declared. Our guides were knowledgeable and most importantly well versed in the skills of “reading their clients”. They quickly came to understand our particular interests and focused on making our stay insightful, personal and absolutely pleasurable. Their immersing us into the normal way of life, culture and quirks of Vietnamese people was the highlight of the trip. We always felt as if we were traveling with a personal friend rather than a guide that we had only recently met!

Vietnam opened up to us as a definite “go to” destination and with the wonderful ambassadors of the “More fun travel” ilk, the country can most certainly look forward to a tourism boom. The organization is onto a winning formula and we certainly have no further suggestions as to how service levels can further be enhanced. There is absolutely nothing that we would have wanted done differently.

We leave Vietnam with a new found fondness and will often look back at this jewel that we have discovered. We will also miss terribly the cheap and delicious “fresh” beer that Phong introduced us to. Our only serious complaint is that the time had to eventually come to an end! On the positive side however, the opportunity now exists to start to plan the next trip with “More Fun Travel” and further explore SE Asia.

Thompson family - three happy South Africans - Vietnam Holiday, December 2014

Highly Recommend

I wanted to visit the area where my father’s plane went down during the war. I was given the name of More Fun Travel, funinvietnam.com by a friend who had done a 3 week bike trip with them.

I contacted them and gave Ngoc information about where my father’s plane went down. A friend and I traveled to Vietnam and with Ngoc visited the area in Northern Vietnam.

I would highly recommend using Ngoc to plan a trip to Vietnam. We had a great time- nice people, beautiful country and great food! Hope to go back!

B Swyers, Colorado - November 2014

Hassle Free Trip

Thank you so much for the well organized and hassle free trip. We had great fun and we were glad to meet and interact with such genuine people like you both.

We just arrived at Incheon Airport and now in Bus to our home. It was a successful and most joyous trip and all credit goes to both of you. Attached is Evelynn’s photo and the smile in it was all because of your efficient tour planning. 🙂

Thank you so much for everything.

Evelynn, Sreeja & Arvind - (March 2015 - the 2nd tour to Vietnam with us)

5 Stars!

First off I wanted to say that my dad and I were very impressed with your level of attentiveness and flexibility and that made planning our trip that much easier so we really appreciate that. All of our guides were great and very knowledgeable about the history of Vietnam as well as all the sites we visited. You also went above and beyond to try to find contacts for my dad in the 2 cities we really wanted to visit and it was amazing that we were able to meet with someone in both of the villages that was there at the same time as my dad or worked directly with him. That alone was not an easy task so it was wonderful he was able to sit with both of them, share stories and pictures, and have that special time with them to appreciate those months when he was there and what they experienced together. Your company and staff exceeded in the service you provided that no other travel agency would ever provide and I give you all 5 stars!

You guys were overall wonderful and I’m glad we chose to go with you as our tour agency.

Kelly Dei and father (Vietnam veteran) - Vietnam 15 days (March 2015)

Could Not Be in Better Hands

In April 2015 I completed a customised 15 Day tour of Northern Vietnam with ‘Fun in Vietnam’ who I had chosen as my preferred Operator from the 17 Operators and Agencies that I contacted.

During the planning process I was very impressed by Ngoc’s attention to detail and professionalism. The speed of her responses, her more than competent English but above all the questions she asked me and the recommendations that she made told me immediately that she knew what she was doing.

I got a response from 9 of the 17 Operators that I approached and Fun in Vietnam clearly stood out from all the others and I had a very high comfort level pre tour.

The tour could not have been better and I am struggling to think of any fault or criticism – the Guides were excellent, the Hotels fine, the drivers safe and the cars I used in the remote north both comfortable and reliable.

From 1979 to 2011 I was the Founder/CEO and latterly Chairman of a UK based Queen’s Award winning Tour Operator that is now part of the $150b Carlyle Group. I worked as a Tour Operator and Tour Guide and trained Tour Guides for more than 30 years so I think I am well placed to identify an outstanding Tour Operator and I would not offer this recommendation unless I was 100% comfortable with Ngoc and her team.

I would thoroughly recommend Fun in Vietnam for any travel arrangements big or small in Vietnam and whether for an individual or group.

You will not be disappointed and could not be in better hands.

Michael Bromfield, England - 15 days tour in Vietnam ( April 2015)

Great Job!

We were 3 couples that spent a really great week in the area of Sapa and surroundings, the planning, efficiency, great guide and driver. Everything went so well, even the weather. I want to thank Ngoc and her company again for a great job.

Arnold Schwartz, Israel - Tour to Sapa – April 2015

We highly recommend More Fun Travel

We have just returned from Vietnam, we spent 2 weeks there organized by Ngoc, which was very well planned, and enjoyed it immensely. From being picked up at the airport and driven to our 5 star beautiful hotels, we could not fault the organization that More Fun Travel put together for us.

All the guides were excellent, with very good local knowledge, they looked after us very well. We would like to thank you all for your kindness and amazing experience.

We highly recommend More Fun Travel for anyone wishing to travel to Vietnam, especially if you do not like big tour groups.

We made a good choice picking Ngoc to work out a good itinerary, all went off without a hitch, thank you all again.

John and Pat Staples Qld Australia - Vietnam Holiday 14 days – May 2015

Thank you so much!

Thank you very much for making all the arrangements for my trip to Vietnam. I had a wonderful time and loved Vietnam. It was very special for me to meet Mr. Qua and his father and Mr. Tich at Mai Chau and hear first hand about my father’s plane crash and all about the MIA team excavation of the crash site. It was very nice of them to take the time to meet with me and hike up to the crash site, I really appreciate it.

Be sure and thank them for me and let them know that I really appreciate meeting them. I really enjoyed the food at the homestay, the owner was very kind. Mai Chau was very scenic with the rice fields and beautiful mountains. Long did a great job of translating for me, I enjoyed him and was very pleased with his English. The La Dolce Vita Hotel was much nicer than I was expecting and was a great location for me to walk around and explore the old french quarter. The Ha Long Bay cruise was awesome! What incredible scenery! I particularly enjoyed the kayaking.

I was on the Phoenix Luxury boat. I really liked that it was a smaller boat than most of the other tour boats. My cabin was really nice with an excellent air conditioner, and the food was fantastic. Vietnam was a wonderful experience for me, so thank you so much. I only wish I could have spent more time there. Also thank you for the nice gift of the pouch, it will come in handy. Bonnie should be receiving your gift this weekend.

Thank you so much!

Jay Appleby, USA - Mai Chau 3 days – May 2015

Our Guides Were Great

My daughter and I have just returned from a 20 day holiday to Vietnam organized by Ngoc at More Fun Travel.  The trip started with a 10 day road trip with guide, driver, van and bikes from Hanoi to Sapa via Tam Coc, Mai Chau, Son La, Dien Bien and Lai Chau. The countryside is fantastic. We had opportunity for some bike rides along quiet roads, boat rides, visits to historic sites and lots of good meals. I loved Mai Chau, which is a little villiage in a valley, relatively unspoiled by tourism. We had an early morning ride through rice paddies stopping at a brick factory and kiln, the chopstick factory and other fantastic photo spots. It was cool, misty and wonderful. The driving was at times along some very rough roads and at one point we had to stop while a boulder on the road was blasted. But the views were breathtaking.

SAPA, the former French occupation summer retreat, is stunning but at the cost of a large number of tourists and all that goes with it. We did some very long and hot walks to visit minority villages which were interesting; the Black Hmong village seem to be preserved in time with primitive living conditions despite the tourist throngs. Don’t wear your best walking shoes in case you slip into a rice paddy like I did and I ended up having to throw out my stinking shoes after a few days as I couldn’t dry them. The train back to Hanoi was very cute with a 2 bunk cabin straight from the 1930s (plus aircon).

After Hanoi, we visited Halong Bay and then back to Hanoi for another train trip, overnight to Danang. This time the train was not so cute and definitely not as palatable with the numbers of small cockroaches running up the walls and sharing with the cabin with a Vietnamese family where the Dad had frequent loud conversations on his mobile finishing around midnight and starting up again around 6am!  Take the PLANE!

We spent five nights in Hoi An and did a number of day trips from there to a ceramics village, organic vegetable growing village and also to My Son which is a UNESCO world heritage site of temples from the ancient Champa civilization. My Son is lush and green now and it is hard to imagine it was completed defoliated and heavily bombed around 40 years ago. The stands of Australian Eucalypts gives a hint.

So, after 3 weeks in average 38C days I was ready to come home. I wouldn’t recommend travel in May June because of the heat if you have a choice. But I didn’t and have no regrets. The highlights for me were the first week road trip with some cycling opportunities. However, the overall trip was varied and interesting and well organized by Ngoc, at More Fun Travel, despite that I only made contact 6 weeks before departure. Our guides were great, well informed and I felt in safe hands.

Margaret Grand – Australia - Cycling and Sightseeing tour 20 days – June 2015

This Tour Was Everything That I Wanted

This tour was everything that I wanted and I am so happy that I chose More Fun in Vietnam. It was so nice to have great drivers, knowledgeable and friendly guides who were fluent in English and that we were able to go to places that would not be included on a standard tour, such as the old military sites my father remembers.

The highlight of the trip for me was going to visit the former site of Firebase Schroder. As we walked around the perimeter we met two men who were boys during the war and remember the base being there. One of them joined us for a walk around the area and, through Hung’s translation, told stories of what he remembers from living in the area in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Although it looked very different, my father was able to figure out exactly where he was, because we located the foundation for the Howizter artillery (which is now a foundation for a house) and the perimeter of the base had a burm (a raised area) that was still there.

All the guides were flexible while we were exploring. When we were in Hanoi we were running out of time to do the walking tour of the old quarter and we had been walking a lot already that morning. Phong had a great idea to take us around the area by hiring an electric car. It was perfect. We still got to explore the small streets in the open air while sitting back and relaxing. My father also wanted to go the US embassy in Hanoi instead of the Army museum, and even though this wasn’t on the itinerary Phong was happy to take us there. (The Embassy would allow only three of us in, so we didn’t go inside after all, but we appreciated the effort).

Hung was also flexible. We had planned to go to the Art Museum early in the afternoon of the 3rd day, but my brother was very hungry, so Hung took us to lunch first and then to the museum. An unexpected delight for my father was exploring the small islands on the Mekong and seeing how local people work and live. Because of this, Hung took us to see a fish farm, a brick factory, a rice factory and several other places.  Seeing these was a delightful surprise. Hung was our favorite guide, perhaps because of his age and experience. He had a lot of stories about growing up in Vietnam and related them to historical events. He also taught us about Vietnamese language and culture.

I am very glad we extended our trip to include Cambodia. The temples were amazing. Mr. Temly was a great guide as well. After a full day of touring temples Mr. Temly gave us the option of watching the sunset on top of the Phnom Bakheng temple. This was a great experience and it was nice of him and the driver to spend the extra time to show us this. I also enjoyed visiting the artisan school.

Brielle Hutchison, USA - Vietnam and Cambodia 14 days – June 2015

More Fun Travel Service and all the Staff Deserve Much Praise

Our daughter did extensive research in preparation to accompany her father, who was a young US Army infantry lieutenant in 1968 – 1969, on a return visit to Vietnam. She selected More Fun Travel Service, and the two-week trip finally happened in June/July 2015.

Our group was a total of five family members. All of us agree that we could not have asked for a more professional, competent, and friendly staff, from the director Ngoc (whom we met personally in Hanoi) to the three different knowledgeable tour guides and the drivers (the far south area, then Cambodia, then the far north).

These wonderful folks prepared us well for the journey, and they took very good care of us from the moment they met us at the airports until they bade us farewell.  We didn’t have to worry about driving or directions to locations, hotel reservations, admission tickets, language translations, customs, etc.  We had excellent accommodations, wonderful meals, and learned about many things.

The cost for this personalized, private, and extensive tour was amazingly reasonable. We wish we could have been able to take an extra week in order to visit also the central areas of Vietnam.

More Fun Travel Service and all the staff deserve much praise and merit our highest regards.

With grateful appreciation,

Roberta Hudson - Gresham, Oregon USA

Our Experience Was Top Class

We absolutely loved our trip. Phong was a very authentic, cultured and friendly guide and companion. He made the trip worthwhile and his smiling disposition never changed throughout the trip. His ability to speak on varied matters made the road trips interesting. He is one of a kind, a rare breed.

Most of all in current times, it’s a rarity to receive extraordinary service and your money’s worth. Honestly as it was my first guided tour abroad I was a bit circumspect. Wherever I traveled abroad I managed the itinerary myself. But when I opted for your company I was naturally on the guard. However you were extremely patient and adaptive from the very beginning – right from my ever changing itinerary draft to the brand of coffee I should opt for. ‎ Our experience was top class and will surely write more on Tripadvisor.com

We hope to see you’ll again someday‎…maybe a new destination in the future. God bless!

Ani and Raj, Philipines - 5 days in North Vietnam – July 2015

There Were Too Many Highlights

Geoff and I would like to thank you so much for organising our Vietnam trip.

From our email exchanges, I knew I was dealing with a very professional and efficient company.

This was our first visit to Vietnam and it exceeded our expectations in every way.

There were too many highlights to mention and given the short time we had, you managed to maximise our time allowing us to fit so much in almost seamlessly. Your guides and drivers are a credit to you. They were always punctual, friendly, professional and happy.

Special mention to Mr Vinh our guide in Hue and Hoi An. Notably, he was the only guide who was at the train station platform to meet us; all the other guides were outside. He was passionate and very informative about Hue, Hoi An and Vietnam in general. He made some great restaurant recommendations too, and a great tailor!

Finally, Many thanks for your efforts in locating the mobile phone dropped during our flight and delivering it to us. You have no idea how relieved and happy we were when you gave us the good news. I’m not sure many agents would have gone to so much trouble to help us. We are very grateful.

I have been singing your praises to all my colleagues and have already passed on your details to one. We wish you continued success because you deserve it. It’s not often one can find a company that takes pride in providing such a high level of service.
Hopefully, we will see you again because we plan to return.

Kit and Geoff, UK - Vietnam 11 days tour – July 2015

Absolutely Amazing Service!

We booked a 7 days 6 nights tour via funinvietnam.com in July 2015. We had an amazing vacation, everything was very well organized and we had some very helpful and knowledgeable guides. Thanks to funinvietnam.com for planning such a great and memorable trip for me and my parents. Our tour planner Ms Ngoc was very helpful from the very beginning and really took the time and made an effort to make the best holiday for us. Upon arrival in HCMC she even gave us a call, and had also prepared a small welcome present for us. It really meant a lot to us. Thanks so much.

Absolutely amazing service! Hope to return one day!

Camilla Weinreich, Demark - Holiday in Vietnam 7 days - July 2015

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