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Photos of Hanoi

If you’ve never been to Hanoi, here is your chance to see just a few of the things you’re missing.

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Song Xanh Sampan Cruises

The concept behind the Song Xanh Sampan is to offer completely private chartered cruises for intimate tours of some of the many rivers that combine to form the Mekong Delta, aka Nine Dragons. These tours are suitable for individuals, and even families with children, and are ideal for couples who are looking for a bit of […]

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Chả giò, fried Vietnamese pork rolls

Goi cuon (Summer Rolls)

Most people around the world are familiar with Chinese egg rolls, and in recent years Cantonese and Thai spring rolls have become popular as well. Goi cuon is the version of these snacks in Vietnamese cuisine is the “summer roll,” also known as “Vietnamese roll” or “crystal roll” in restaurants outside of Vietnam. Summer rolls […]

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Cao Lau, regional dish of Hoi An

Visitors to Hoi An will probably encounter – and remember – cao lau, a renowned local dish seldom found elsewhere in Vietnam. It is basically a rice noodle, herb, and meat dish. Locals say that true cao lau must be made with water from local square wells dug by the Cham people, and the lye solution […]

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Wonderful experience cruising with Indochina Junk

There are nearly 600 different boats licensed for tour operations on Ha Long Bay In nearby Bai Tu Long, which houses a protected national park, the story is different. Indochina Junk is the first company licensed to visit this area; one other cruise operator was seeking a license and has likely received it. This means […]

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Nha Trang Vacations

Nha Trang Vacations – Jewel of the Vietnamese Coast

From its long coastline bordering three seas to the traditional culture thriving along its inland waterways, Vietnam has no shortage of waterfront destinations.  Even so, the coastal city of Nha Trang stands out, charming locals and visitors with its stunning waters, white sand, and vibrant city scene. The Truong Son mountains cradle Nha Trang, providing […]

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