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Third Tour in Vietnam

Third Tour in Vietnam

Planning My Return to Viet-Nam In Memory of Jack O’Neil Download the Third Tour Journal (PDF) At approximately 1700 hours 31 January 2015, Jack O’Neil died. Jack was my best friend. We first met on the airstrip at Quan Loi

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Photos of Hanoi


If you’ve never been to Hanoi, here is your chance to see just a few of the things you’re missing.

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Basic Vietnamese Phrases

Basic Vietnamese Phrases

Basic Vietnamese phrases, with pronunciation, for activities, food, transportation and the days of the week. Pleasantries English Pronunciation Vietnamese Yes yaa vâng No khong không Maybe cawtey có thể You’re Welcome kohng sao doh không sao đâu No Thank You

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Thank you for your kind words!

More Fun Travel and our professional team of tour guides enjoy meeting people, from all over the world, traveling to Vietnam. They bring joy to our hearts and we look forward to meeting them again on another adventure tour with

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Fun Facts about Vietnam

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Hanoi is the capital city, while the currency is Dong Vietnam has a population of over 85 million We have one of the lowest unemployment rates among all developing countries. Vietnam has a literacy rate of 94%. Potbelly pigs are

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Introduction to Ha Long Bay

Junk boat cruises are a popular way to explore Ha Long Bay.

Halong Bay, known in Vietnam as Vịnh Hạ Long (Bay of the Descending Dragon), takes its name from the dragons which, legend holds, defended the area from Chinese invaders in ancient times and created the islets that fill the bay.

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Travel Pictures from Vietnam


When tour groups travel with us they take a lot of pictures! We take some too, since our custom tours take us to a lot of interesting places. Vietnam’s charming cities, natural scenery, ancient temples, and unique culture offer plenty

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Life in the Mekong Delta


The Mekong River Delta, shown from space in this photograph, is a region of unique geography and culture. Encompassing 15,000 square miles (almost 4 million hectares) in southeastern Vietnam, the region produces half of Vietnam’s rice — more than is

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Images of the Buddhist Tradition


Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia have a strong Buddhist tradition going back centuries. The colorful practice of modern monks combines with the striking architecture of ancient temples and statues to produce timeless scenes that are as evocative as they are serene.

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Absolutely Amazing Service!

We booked a 7 days 6 nights tour via in July 2015. We had an amazing vacation, everything was very well organized and we...

Camilla Weinreich, Demark - Holiday in Vietnam 7 days - July 2015
There Were Too Many Highlights

Geoff and I would like to thank you so much for organising our Vietnam trip.

From our email exchanges, I knew I was dealing with a...

Kit and Geoff, UK - Vietnam 11 days tour – July 2015

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Hi Ngoc! We had a wonderful trip! The guide did a great job! The local people were very helpful and friendly. Tom and I are having a super time, Thank you for all of the hard work.

Maury and Tom - USA.