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Basic Vietnamese Phrases

Basic Vietnamese Phrases

Basic Vietnamese phrases, with pronunciation, for activities, food, transportation and the days of the week. Pleasantries English Pronunciation Vietnamese Yes yaa vâng No khong không Maybe cawtey có thể You’re Welcome kohng sao doh không sao đâu No Thank You

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Fun Facts about Vietnam

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Hanoi is the capital city, while the currency is Dong Vietnam has a population of over 85 million We have one of the lowest unemployment rates among all developing countries. Vietnam has a literacy rate of 94%. Potbelly pigs are

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Experience a different side of hectic Hanoi

Presidential Palace in Hanoi

Hanoi is a city full of character – and there’s no better time to see it than in the early morning. Wake up and get swept up in the buzz during the morning rush. Enjoy the energetic people of the

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Hanoi Impressions

Pigs on a Motorbike in Vietnam

Upon arrival at Noi Bai you may find the airport lacking in character, but the drive from the airport to Hanoi is rich with charming and interesting sights. So many people wearing conical hats! Farmers toil in rice fields, their

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Wildlife of Vietnam

Sao La

Many people are interested in the wildlife of Vietnam and traditional ways of life. Others are enchanted by the elegant, bustling cities of modern Vietnam. While Vietnamese culture and history offer endless fascinating possibilities to the world traveler, the natural

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Could Not Be in Better Hands

In April 2015 I completed a customised 15 Day tour of Northern Vietnam with 'Fun in Vietnam' who I had chosen as my preferred Operator f...

Michael Bromfield, England - 15 days tour in Vietnam ( April 2015)
5 Stars!

First off I wanted to say that my dad and I were very impressed with your level of attentiveness and flexibility and that made planning o...

Kelly Dei and father (Vietnam veteran) - Vietnam 15 days (March 2015)

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In June 2007 I contacted several travel agencies to plan a return trip to Vietnam. I put together a group of ten Marines in total that had served together in India Company 3rd Battalion 5th Marines in 1966.

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