Optional Interest Tours

We hope you find inspiration and ideas to help you plan your tailor-made vacation to Vietnam. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact More Fun Travel and let us know what you’re interested in seeing while traveling in Vietnam. You will find that no matter your request, More Fun Travel can create a Vietnam travel plan just for you.

Cao Lau

Vietnam Food Adventure

Vietnam has more than 500 national dishes and food plays an enormous part in Vietnamese culture and life. Like many other parts of Asia, Vietnamese make the food easy by having everything on display in colorful, artistic abundance. On our eating adventures you will experience the best Vietnamese food.

Lanterns in Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam Craft Tours

Taking a craft tour with More Fun Travel is a unique way to acquire new skills, and interact in a very personal way with your mentors.

Red Headed Cranes in Dong Thap, Vietnam

Vietnam Wildlife Explorer Holidays

We are particularly active in conservation and operate our tours in a sustainable, environment-friendly manner, that allows you to experience the wildlife intimately.

Ede Music in Vietnam

Music Tours in Vietnam

Our Vietnam Music Tours are high-quality sightseeing adventures for the music lover. We can create a custom tour for you that is heavily focused on the music culture in Vietnam. Visit and listen to the local musicians, traditional musicians¬†and discover Vietnam’s Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Volunteer Travel Tours in Vietnam

Volunteer Travel in Vietnam

Vietnam is getting popular everyday by visitors and volunteers. While you volunteer in Vietnam you will get a chance to travel and see the exotic land which has a lot to offer. You can visit the mountains, beaches, forests and countryside to discover this amazing travel destination.

Mai Vang

Tet Holiday : Vietnamese New Year

Tet (Lunar New Year), the biggest and most sacred in Vietnamese traditional festival, is celebrated throughout the country in 3 days. Tet is an occasion for people to show respects to their ancestors and origins, wishing for a new year full of good luck and happiness…

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